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Northern Lights Group Solar Geothermal Water Storage Tank-...
  • Solar GeoThermal Water Storage Tank- SolarStor 50 gallon SCE - Single Exchanger
  • Solar or Geo Thermal glass lined tank for pre-heat with internal bottom heat exchanger + 4.5 Kw Heating Element .
  • Holds 50 gallons

What is a solar water heater tank?

How do you use one?

Do you need a solar tank water heater?

This style of water heater operates by using the energy of the sun to move a heating liquid through coils inside the tank itself. The liquid never comes into contact with the water, but heats the water within the tank.

When the household is ready to use the hot water, it is drawn into the house via pipelines from the tank, where it’s kept hot until it’s ready.

These tanks gather energy from the sun through solar collectors. Collectors are sometimes present on the tank itself, but often are a separate piece of the system that must be purchased and installed as well in order to enjoy the full benefits of solar heated water.

In this article, we’ll show you a couple of solar water heater tank replacement options along with in-depth reviews. You’ll be able to compare both of these tanks and find the one that fits your household’s needs the best.

Take a look at the solar water heater tanks listed below to find out more.

Option #1

Northern Lights Group Solar Geothermal Water Storage Tank

Northern Lights Group Solar Geothermal Water Storage Tank-...

The Northern Lights Group Solar Geothermal Water Storage Tank is a UL rated and CSA approved tank for use with indirect solar water heater systems. This offer can be used for pre-heating or as part of a full solar heating system, depending on your setup and what you’re looking for.


  • This tank includes a single interior coil within its bottom half.
  • The tank can hold up to 50 gallons of heated water for use.
  • The tank is lined with glass to help keep the water inside warmer for longer.
  • This tank provides enough water for a family of up to four to enjoy.

What We Liked

  • We like the size and ease of use of this offer. Overall, it’s very easy to work with, even for those who are new to the world of solar water heating. The user-friendliness of this tank makes it stand out from many of its competitors.

What Could Be Improved

  • Since the tank is very small, it may not be big enough for a lot of households. Offering this tank in other sizes would be a good solution. This way, the benefits of its simple use could carry over to larger tanks that would be able to provide bigger families with solar-heated water.


  • This choice is compact enough to fit into most yards and is even safe for use on some roofs.
  • Because of its smaller size, this tank is easy to operate and can even be set up without professional help in some instances.
  • The tank includes enough ports for drainage and connecting to the household’s pipes easily.


  • This option may not hold enough hot water for big families or households that use a lot of water every day.
  • There are no other options for this tank, so the single-coil version is the only one available.
  • The tank may not look as aesthetically pleasing as some other options.

Option #2

Duda Solar Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Heater Tank

600 Liter 159 Gallon Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Heater Tank...

The Duda Solar Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Heater Tank is designed for use with an indirect solar water heating system. This offer can be used as the sole heating component in the system, or it can be used as a preheater or with a backup heater as well.


  • This tank is available in a single-coil or a double-coil option.
  • The tank can hold up to 159 gallons of hot water until it’s needed.
  • The tank is insulated with polyurethane, so there’s very little risk of it freezing over.
  • Tis tank provides more than enough water for most households and can also be used for some commercial properties.

What We Liked

  • This choice is capable of being used as part of a setup with just about any type of water heating component. We like its versatility and feel that this is one of the strongest points of this heater. Overall, the heater can provide a storage upgrade for an existing setup or a great starting point for a new one.

What Could Be Improved

  • This heater is not as user-friendly as the other option listed above. It may be more difficult for beginners to understand, and some may require a professional to install it. Because of its size, cleaning can also be a challenge with this heater.


  • The tank is big enough to handle households of almost any size.
  • This option is made up of high-quality materials that are safe for use around consumable water.
  • There are enough ports on the tank for installation and drainage as needed.


  • Maintenance can be tricky on a tank of this size, simply due to the difficulty of working with such a large and heavy product.
  • This tank is usually too heavy when filled with water to keep on the roof of any home.
  • The tank requires a lot of space in the backyard and may be too big for many traditional homes.


Both of these water heaters have their strengths and weaknesses, and it may take you some time to choose between the two of them. Either one can provide you with a high-quality and efficient method of heating your water without relying on gas or electricity to do so. However, they may not both work exactly the same for your home, either.

Here are a few tips to help you choose:

  • Pick the heater that will fit into the space you have available. Since one is larger than the other, this may be the deciding factor for you.
  • Choose the heater that holds the right amount of water for you and your family’s needs. Again, one is larger than the other and may help you decide.
  • Pick the heater that has the additional features you’re looking for. Although neither one comes with a whole setup, you may find different features between the two, which could help you make your choice in the end.

Our recommendation is the Northern Lights Group solar heater. This heater is smaller than the Duda option by quite a lot, which does mean it won’t hold as much hot water in storage. However, the smaller size also makes it a lot easier to fit into most backyards, and it may even be able to fit on some roofs, depending on the setup and specifications of your home.

This solar water heater is easy to use and install, and it works well with a variety of additional parts required to operate it. And of course, it’s also a little bit more affordable, which makes it fit into many customers’ budgets more easily.

The Northern Lights Group heater is our choice, but in the end, either one of these tanks is sure to make a positive difference in the way you heat your water. Bring home the one that meets most of your needs and get it set up right away. In no time, you’ll be ready to enjoy hot water that is heated by the energy of the sun—and lower energy bills to go along with it!

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