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Duda Solar 150 Liter Standard Passive Water Heater Attached...
  • Hailstone Resistance: up to φmm (1"), Max Operating Pressure: 100psi, TK-7Y Controller
  • Painted Zinc Outer Shell & Stand, Pressurize tank for domestic water supply, 14mm TU1 Copper Heat Pipes, Winter...
  • 58mm x 1800mm Three-Target Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN Vacuum Tubes, High Boron Silicon 3.3 Glass

Do you need an eco-friendly way to heat the water for your home?

Are you looking for a solar home water heater?

What are the benefits of installing a solar water heater for home use?

Here are some to keep in mind:

  • You can cut down on the cost of your energy bill significantly when you use solar power to heat your water.
  • Solar water heaters tend to pay for themselves in a very short amount of time.
  • You’ll be doing your part to help the environment by utilizing solar energy for your water heating needs.

Of course, there may be many other reasons why you’re considering installing a solar water heater for your whole house. Whatever your reasons are, you’re in the right place!

Check out the list below to pick a product that can make your home a solar water heater home.

Option #1

Solar Collector Hot Water Heater

MISOL Solar Collector of Solar Hot Water Heater/with 10 Evacuated...

If you want to get started with a small, compact, and easy-to-use solar heating solution, consider this Solar Collector Hot Water Heater. This collector component makes it easy for you to heat water and transfer it to an existing tank, if you already have one available. With ten durable solar heating tubes on a convenient stand, this collector can be set up just about anywhere in your yard or on your roof, as long as it gets enough sunlight.


  • This collector can be used to heat enough water for up to two people in a small household, and it can also be used for a vacation cabin or a rental.
  • The collector works well with a variety of tanks and other elements required for a complete solar heating system.


  • You will need to plan to purchase additional items, as this collector is not a complete solar heater and cannot be used on its own.
  • The collector may simply be too small and lack the power it takes to provide hot water regularly for everyday use in some households.

Option #2

Duda Solar 150 Liter Standard Water Heater

Duda Solar 150 Liter Standard Passive Water Heater Attached...

Set up the Duda Solar 150 Liter Standard Water Heater when you’re looking for a sturdy, durable solar heater that’s built to last and doesn’t take up as much space as some of the other models on our list. This heater can be mounted on the roof or set up in the yard, depending on space and sunlight. This offer features a clean, white tank that is made of food-grade steel and can hold up to 150 liters (about 39 gallons) of hot water. The heater also includes bright, vivid blue heating tubes with a zinc shell and a copper interior perfect for warming your water.


  • This heater is designed to resist hail and to hold up well against winter weather, as long as regular maintenance and care is performed on it.
  • The tank is easy to set up and get started using quickly, even without prior experience with a water heater like this.


  • This setup only includes 15 tubes, while some others like it include up to 20.
  • Because this choice doesn’t have a separate storage tank, it may not hold as much water as some of the other options on our list, and is best for a family of up to four people.

Option #3

Sunbank Solar Complete System Solar Water Heater

SRCC Certified 26% Tax Credit & Local Rebate Eligible - Complete...

Choose the Sunbank Solar Complete System Solar Water Heater when you’re looking for a high-quality solar heater you can mount on most roofs with ease. This system is also designed to work in the yard if your roof cannot support the weight of a solar water heater. This choice includes several durable heating tubes as well as a tank that can hold up to 40 gallons of water, making it an ideal choice for households of up to four people. The Sunbank system comes with everything you need to use it right away, without the need to purchase additional pieces.


  • This water heater is capable of keeping the water warm after the sun goes down, losing only a few degrees of heat in most instances before it starts to warm up again.
  • The water heater can be set up by homeowners in most instances without the need to contact a professional installation team.


  • This water heater may not provide quite as much hot water as some of the others on the list, simply because of its smaller and more compact size.
  • The heater will require plenty of maintenance and upkeep during the winter to prevent it from icing over and becoming damaged.

Option #4

Northern Lights Group Solar Hot Water Heating Package

Northern Lights Group SWH-1 Solar Hot Water Heating Package - DIY...

The Northern Lights Group Solar Hot Water Heating Package is a powerful kit that comes with everything required to get your home fitted for solar water heating in no time. This kit includes a pump, coils, water heating tubes, a large 50-gallon tank, and all the connectors needed to install it. This option also comes with a control panel and gauge for easy care and maintenance, as well as a backup source of energy in the event that the system runs out of solar power during bad weather. With this setup, you and your household will be able to enjoy hot water from a solar heated source just about any time.


  • The kit comes with a relay to allow you to split solar heating power between your home and other location, such as a swimming pool or boiler.
  • The kit includes many more solar heating tubes than the others on our list, so it processes more water at one time.


  • This setup requires a lot of space to operate and is best used when mounted on a roof, although it may be too heavy for some roofs to handle.
  • Most customers will need to contact a professional to install this kit, since it’s complicated and has many more parts than some of the others on our list.


With so many high-quality heaters to pick from, it can be tough to choose the best one! Depending on your needs and your household’s preferences, too, one heater from our list may work much better for you than others.

But how do you know where to start looking? Which one is the best choice from this list?

If you’re looking for a specific recommendation, we suggest going with the Sunbank Solar Complete System Solar Water Heater. This compact heater works for many households and is a great beginner’s solar heater, too. This offer can be mounted almost anywhere and combines efficiency with durability for a product you’ll want to use for years to come.

The Sunbank heater works for most households of up to four people, and it can even be used for larger families depending on how much hot water you go through in a day. It’s easy to install whether you hire a professional team or not, and maintenance is simple to keep up with as well. Overall, we feel this heater provides the best value for the cost from those listed above.

In the end, however, whichever heater you choose from our list is sure to provide all the benefits you’re looking for and much more for you and your family.

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