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Do you live in Hawaii?

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Why might you want or need to set up a solar hot water heater Hawaii home?

If you live in Hawaii, you may be searching for a good, high-quality solar water heater installation company. Since 2008, new homes built in Hawaii have been required by law to install solar water heaters, so if you’re building a home, this is an especially important type of company to locate.

Solar water heaters are not required by law for existing homes that were built prior to the mandate. However, this upgrade may still be worth it financially, so it’s worth considering a solar heater for your household anyway.

Many solar water heater companies in Hawaii offer discounts for those who are installing solar heaters on existing homes. There may also be tax exemptions available, depending on the year in which you install the heater.

Of course, you’ll also save a lot of money on your energy bill by installing a solar heater instead of a gas or electric one!

Take a look at the list below to check out some of the solar water heater installation companies available in Hawaii. You can use this information to find the best solar water heater Hawaii has to offer, and to upgrade your home or install a heater on your new construction.

Option #1

Island Pacific Energy

Island Pacific Energy provides commercial and residential services all without compromising on their customer service and satisfaction. This company continues to receive high ratings and reviews from customers who recommend them for their outstanding work. The company has also won awards as a small business and is ready to help customers find the right solar solutions for their energy needs. When working with this company, you can set up a simple solar water heating system, or you can make the change to complete solar energy for your whole household. Whatever you choose to do, Island Pacific Energy is ready to help you make it happen.


  • Many customers report the owner of this company helping them file for tax refunds that their new solar energy allows them to qualify for.
  • This company keeps up with communication throughout the project and is ready to answer questions at any point while they work on installing solar panels.
  • This company uses high-quality materials and batteries that are built to last, so customers don’t have to worry about replacing parts too quickly after getting their solar panels set up.
  • Customers report finding it easy to contact this company for quotes as well as for maintenance and troubleshooting when needed.

Option #2

Island Solar Service

Island Solar Service is committed to offering services that will help protect the environment for future generations. They provide solar panels and installation as well as solar water heater setup, and they can be contacted for maintenance and troubleshooting with any of these devices as well. This company mostly works with residential customers, but can also be hired for commercial properties depending on what’s required. They are always willing and ready to answer questions about converting all or part of your energy to solar, so they’re a great resource for those looking to upgrade in the near future.


  • This company will provide maintenance on solar water heaters and solar panels even if they did not install them initially.
  • The company usually has solar water heaters ready to be installed the same day, so individuals in need of hot water can contact them for a quick response and installation.
  • Many customers are pleased with the honesty and upfront availability of pricing information from this company, which generally provides this information before beginning a job.
  • This company is known for arriving on time and working hard for their customers, and they provide excellent customer service to anyone who goes with them.

Option #3

Hawaiian Solar

Hawaiian Solar has been part of the Hawaiian solar water heating scene since 1977. They focus more specifically on swimming pool heating solutions, but they also install whole house solar water heaters too. This company is also a great solution for anyone looking to install both, or to find a setup that can be used for heating both the household’s water and the swimming pool. This is a small company that cares about its employees as well as its customers and is committed to providing excellent service that will keep happy customers coming back again and again.


  • This company cares about its customers as well as its potential customers and often goes above and beyond to help those who have questions or need assistance.
  • This is the oldest solar company in the area and has been an important part of the local community for decades.
  • The professionals at this company know what they’re doing and are experienced in installing both solar water heaters and full house solar panel systems, so customers are confident in their work.
  • Maintenance requests are responded to quickly and customers are often pleased with the skill and efficiency with which this company handles their problems.

Option #4

Kona Solar

Kona Solar focuses on solar energy as a whole, and isn’t limited only to solar water heaters. When you contact this company, you’ll be able to find information about upgrading as much of your household’s energy to solar as you like. They can provide you with guidance and details to make the decision easier, and they’re happy to work with you to meet whatever your needs might be. Of course, if all you need is solar water heating, they can do that, too!


  • This company does not try to upsell and will only recommend the right number of solar panels for the hot water heating you and your family actually need.
  • The company sets up hot water heaters efficiently so that most households won’t notice any time without available hot water during the installation process.
  • Customers are often pleased with the knowledgeable staff and helpful installation team at this company, as well as how easy it is to have their questions answers.
  • The company uses high-quality materials and products that can keep your solar water heater operating for a long time to come.


Setting up a solar water heater is a great choice anywhere, but especially so in Hawaii. When you work with one of the companies from the list above, you’ll be able to install a high-quality heater that will last for a long time to come.

Here are a few pros of choosing solar water heating in Hawaii:

  • With so much sun year-round, Hawaii is a great place for solar energy.
  • Many households have enough space in the yard or on the roof to set up a solar water heater.
  • Using a solar water heater will allow you to do your part to benefit the environment and nature around you.

And here are some cons to consider:

  • Storms and hurricanes may damage solar panels and cause an added expense.
  • The initial cost of a solar heater may be high—although it does pay for itself in just a few years.

Reach out to one of the listed companies to learn more about getting solar water heat for your home.

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