Best Solar Gutter Lights: Illuminate with LED!


Looking to add some extra illumination to your outdoor spaces without raising your energy bills? Look no further than solar gutter lights! These efficient and environmentally-friendly lights can be easily installed on walls, fences, or gutters, and will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn while charging during the day. With features like waterproofing and motion detection, the best solar gutter lights can provide safety and security during dark hours, while also adding a touch of style to your outdoor decor. The most important factors to consider when choosing the best options for solar-powered gutter lights are battery life, brightness, and ease of installation – so make sure to read my favorite product picks below to find the best solar gutter lights available!

🏆 Our Choice Recommendation:

SMY Gutter Lights Solar Powered, Outdoor Solar Patio Decor Lights...
  • [Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights Updated Version & Auto On/Off] The solar lights are extremely durable with auto-on at...
  • [Unique Design Inspiration with 9 Brighter LEDs] When installed on a fence, eaves, wall, or other location, this...
  • [Waterproof & 4 Different Installation Methods] SMY lighting solar gutter lights are perfect for a garden, pool,...

***OUR TOP PICK: Our top choice for top-rated solar gutter lights for your home is the SMY Lighting Solar Gutter Lights . With upgraded auto on/off capabilities, unique UFO-shaped design, and excellent brightness with 9 super bright LEDs, this product is an ideal decorative light for your house, garden, pool, or walkway. It is also waterproof and has four different installation methods for flexibility. However, for those who need different modes of operation, the InnoGear 80 LEDs Solar Lights  is a 1st-runner up worth considering. Read on for more detailed best solar gutter lights reviews.

🏅 Best By Category:

MOST ADVANCED FEATURES: InnoGear 80 LEDs Solar Lights  – With 4 working modes, upgraded solar panel, and heat/water resistance, this product offers the most advanced features of the bunch.

GREAT VALUE: FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights  – This affordable product offers white-colored lighting, easy installation, and durability to create great value for customers.

BETTER FOR BEGINNERS: ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights  – With auto-working sensors, high-quality LED beads, and easy installation, these lights are the easiest to set up and use for beginners.

How We Are Rating These Products:

1) 💡 BRIGHTNESS: Determines how much light the product emits and how well it illuminates the area.
2) 🕰️ BATTERY LIFE: Measures the length of time the product can remain on while using its stored energy.
3) 🔌 CHARGING TIME: Determines how long it takes for the product to fully charge and be ready for use.
4) 💧 WATERPROOF: Evaluates the product’s capability to withstand water and other weather elements.
5) 💪 DURABILITY: Assesses the strength and resistance of the product to damage and wear over time.

When it comes to solar gutter lights, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. Firstly, it’s important to look at the overall performance of the product. How long does it take to charge? And how long does it last? It’s also worth considering the brightness of the lights and whether they provide sufficient lighting for your needs. Another factor to look at is the design of the lights, including how they are installed and whether they offer any customization options. Lastly, it’s important to ensure that the lights are durable and can withstand different weather conditions. By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect solar gutter lights to suit your needs and add some extra flare to your outdoor space.

Option #1. SMY Lighting Solar Gutter Lights

SMY Gutter Lights Solar Powered, Outdoor Solar Patio Decor Lights...

Are you in search of a simple yet effective way to illuminate your backyard? Look no further than SMY Lighting’s Solar Gutter Lights, a top-notch solar-powered lighting option. Boasting a UFO shape and 9 ultra-powerful LEDs, these lights are ideal for brightening up fences, eaves, walls, and other outdoor areas. Moreover, they feature a day/night automatic on/off function, along with a solar panel designed to collect more light to increase battery life.

One of the standout features of SMY Lighting’s Solar Gutter Lights is their IP55 rating, which guarantees waterproofness and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions like rainfall, snow, and ice. Plus, installation is a breeze thanks to the four installation options available. The bracket distance of the solar deck lights is adjustable up to 50mm, thus making the process a no-brainer and devoid of electrical wiring.

While these solar gutter lights make an excellent addition to any outdoor venue, it’s worth noting that the attachment brackets can be flimsy and not so effective, according to reports from some customers. However, this minor issue can be resolved with a touch of DIY magic.

As a whole, the SMY Lighting Solar Gutter Lights  are a great choice for anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor space. They are sleekly designed, energy-efficient, and have a long battery life, minimizing the need for regular battery replacements. Additionally, their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions makes them an excellent pick for patios, decks, walkways, gutters, and any other outdoor area. So, if you’re seeking an easy way to add a glow to your outdoor area and don’t hesitate to do a bit of DIY, add SMY Lighting Solar Gutter Lights to your shopping cart without delay!


  • 9 ultra-powerful LEDs for bright illumination
  • Day/night automatic on/off function for convenience
  • IP55 rating for waterproofness and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions
  • Four installation options available, with adjustable bracket distance up to 50mm


  • Attachment brackets can be flimsy and not so effective, according to some customers

OUR RATING: SMY Lighting Solar Gutter Lights 

💡 BRIGHTNESS: 8/10 – 9 ultra-powerful LEDs and automatic on/off function effectively brighten outdoor areas.
🕰️ BATTERY LIFE: 9/10 – Solar panel designed for long battery life reduces the need for frequent battery replacements.
🔌 CHARGING TIME: 7/10 – Solar-powered, so charging time is dependent on the amount of sunlight available.
💧 WATERPROOF: 10/10 – IP55 rating ensures waterproofness and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions.
💪 DURABILITY: 8/10 – Sturdy construction and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions make them durable.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.4/10 – Ideal for anyone seeking to add a glow to their outdoor area, particularly in harsh weather; the need for a bit of DIY may not be suitable for everyone.


Option #2. FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights - White Sun Power Smart...

Introducing the FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights , a delightful addition to your outdoor area. These eco-friendly lights are perfect for any living space as they are white-colored solar-powered gutter lamps with an exceptional intelligence sensor enabling them to differentiate between day and night. Measuring about 3 inches by 5 inches in diameter, the best part is that these solar lights can be conveniently hung and utilized without any hassle.

These outdoor solar lights are more than just composition; they are also weather-resistant, heat-proof, and waterproof, making them an excellent option for rainy and humid conditions. The latest upgraded solar panel augments their performance and provides longer usage time. Their rechargeable batteries are also built to be long-lasting.

On the downside, although these gutter LED lights might not be the brightest lights around, they can still create quite an atmosphere on the sides of your house. Additionally, the duration of light exposure depends on sunlight exposure level, geographical locations, weather conditions, and daylight hours.

Considering the entire package, the FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights are an incredible product as they come at a reasonable price and are easy to install and use. They provide an eco-friendly option that adds an extra zing to any open-air space you might have. If you’re seeking simplicity and functionality, you can’t go wrong with the FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights.


  • Eco-friendly solar-powered lights
  • Weather-resistant, heat-proof, and waterproof
  • Upgraded solar panel for longer usage time
  • Conveniently hung and utilized without any hassle


  • Not the brightest lights around
  • Duration of light exposure depends on various factors

OUR RATING: FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights 

💡 BRIGHTNESS: 7/10 – Not the brightest lights, but can still create a nice atmosphere.
🕰️ BATTERY LIFE: 8/10 – Rechargeable batteries are long-lasting and solar panel upgrade provides longer use.
🔌 CHARGING TIME: 9/10 – Solar-powered, fast charging, and no need for external power.
💧 WATERPROOF: 9/10 – Weather-resistant, heat-proof, and waterproof, making them an excellent option for rainy and humid conditions.
💪 DURABILITY: 8/10 – Weather-resistant and heat-proof composition.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – Ideal for anyone seeking an eco-friendly, functional, and easy-to-install option for their outdoor space. Not ideal for those looking for the brightest lights or consistent lighting in areas with low sun exposure.


Option #3. InnoGear 80 LEDs Solar Lights

InnoGear Solar Outdoor Lights, 80 LEDs Solar Motion Sensor Lights...

Are you searching for the perfect solar light for your outdoor space? Look no further than the InnoGear 80 LEDs Solar Lights ! Boasting 4 working modes, this gutter light can deliver 1/4 brightness light, 1/2 brightness light, dim light accompanied by motion sensor full brightness light, or switch it off with motion sensor full brightness light to cater to your lighting requirements. Furthermore, the enhanced solar panel enables faster charging during inadequate sunshine, thus ensuring bright light even on dull days.

With its waterproof and heatproof design, the InnoGear gutter light can easily withstand heavy rain, and its solid built ensures durability. Featuring 80 ultra-bright LEDs that provide over 450 lumens, these lights can effectively illuminate any outdoor space, making them perfect for decoration and security purposes. Lastly, the aluminum mounting pole facilitates speedy installation, while its unique placement away from the eave allows sunlight to spread.

As with any product, the InnoGear gutter light does have some downsides. Some users may find the motion detection not sensitive enough, and the home’s occupants cannot control the modes remotely.

All in all, the InnoGear 80 LEDs Solar Lights warrants serious consideration for anyone seeking a durable and highly efficient solar gutter light. Ideal for lighting up outdoor spaces such as the balcony, deck, driveway, fence, garden, pathway, patio, walkway, or yard, this gutter light offers immense value despite its drawbacks. So, why not enhance your outdoor experience by trying it out and enjoying bright light all year round?


  • Four working modes to cater to various lighting needs
  • Enhanced solar panel for faster charging, even on dull days
  • Waterproof and heatproof design for durability in all weather conditions
  • Aluminum mounting pole for speedy installation and unique sunlight placement


  • Motion detection may not be sensitive enough for some users
  • Modes cannot be controlled remotely by occupants of the home

OUR RATING: InnoGear 80 LEDs Solar Lights 

💡 BRIGHTNESS: 9/10 – 80 LEDs offer over 450 lumens and four working modes to cater to all lighting requirements.
🕰️ BATTERY LIFE: 8/10 – The solar light boasts long battery life and quick charging times even during inadequate sunshine.
🔌 CHARGING TIME: 9/10 – The solar panel quickly charges the battery even during dull days, ensuring bright light at all times.
💧 WATERPROOF: 10/10 – Its waterproof, heatproof design ensures it can survive heavy rain and other weather elements.
💪 DURABILITY: 8/10 – The solid build offers both durability and strength.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.8/10 – The InnoGear solar light offers immense value despite some drawbacks. It’s ideal for anyone seeking a durable, efficient light source for outdoor spaces. However, it may not be ideal for those seeking remote control operation or highly-sensitive motion detection.


Option #4. Solar Gutter Lights with Motion Sensor from HOSHINE

Solar Gutter Lights Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Light (2...

Are you in the market for a safer and more secure home solution? That’s where the Solar Gutter Lights with Motion Sensor from HOSHINE  comes in. Not only are these lights waterproof and durable, but they also offer easy installation, high brightness, and energy savings through their solar panels. These devices are environmentally conscious, leveraging the power of the sun to charge and offer up to 12 hours of light per full charge.

But wait, there’s more. These lights also boast a PIR core part that detects motion, increasing the light intensity by 150LM for 45 seconds before switching to Eco mode to conserve energy and prolong the lifespan of the product. The Solar Gutter Lights with Motion Sensor offer practicality and durability, making them an ideal solar security device.

It is important to note, however, that this product may not be for everyone. While the Solar Gutter Lights perform well, some customers have reported issues with the durability of the mounting brackets, which can lead to difficulty getting the proper tension when mounting to gutters. Additionally, some customers have experienced a 75% failure rate after 10 months of use.

Despite these caveats, the Solar Gutter Lights with Motion Sensor from HOSHINE are an attractive option for individuals seeking eco-friendly lighting that promotes safety and security. Properly utilized, these lights provide a practical and durable answer to a variety of scenarios.


  • Easy installation
  • High brightness
  • Energy savings through solar panels
  • PIR core part detects motion, increasing light intensity


  • Some customers report issues with mounting bracket durability
  • Some customers have experienced a 75% failure rate after 10 months of use

OUR RATING: Solar Gutter Lights with Motion Sensor from HOSHINE 

💡 BRIGHTNESS: 9/10 – With a brightness of 150LM, these lights provide ample illumination for their size.
🕰️ BATTERY LIFE: 8/10 – Solar-powered, offering up to 12 hours of light per full charge, minimizing the need for frequent recharges.
🔌 CHARGING TIME: 7/10 – It takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge these solar-powered devices, which may be a bit lengthy for some.
💧 WATERPROOF: 10/10 – Completely waterproof, these lights can withstand heavy rain and other weather elements with ease.
💪 DURABILITY: 7/10 – While generally durable, some customers have reported issues with the mounting brackets and a 75% failure rate after 10 months of use.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – Ideal for those who want energy-efficient and easy-to-install security lighting, but may not be suitable for those who want the most durable or long-lasting option.


Option #5. ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights

ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights 200LM, 18 LED Gutter Solar Lights...

Are you in search of a budget-friendly and effortless way to enhance your outdoor area while conserving energy and cash? Look no further than the ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights . They make an ideal addition to any backyard, porch, fence, or gutter.

By being installed with a built-in light sensor, these lights switch on automatically during the night and switch off during the day. This functionality optimizes the working time and spares energy. These lights provide all-around illumination that has 18 high-quality LED beads to improve you and your family’s safety at night. Their simple installation and resilient structure make them resistant to various weather conditions.

That’s not all. These lights come with a large solar panel that boasts an impressive conversion rate of up to 18%. This feature allows them to accumulate enough energy to operate for 8-10 hours after a complete charge. Furthermore, they have a cool white light color of 6500K and a luminous flux of 200 LM, making them ideal for illuminating house numbers, welcome signs, store signs, and pet houses.

It’s essential to note that these lights have no motion sensors. As a result, do not expect them to detect movement. Also, several customers have reported difficulty during the installation process, mainly the attachment of the metal plate to the gutters.

All in all, ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights are a fantastic addition to any outdoor area, providing dependable and effective illumination that is both eco-friendly and cost-saving. If you’re seeking a low-cost solution to your external lighting needs, these lights are worth considering. However, if you need something more advanced with motion sensors, exploring other options will be better.


  • Built-in light sensor for automatic switching, conserving energy
  • 18 high-quality LED beads for all-around illumination
  • Resilient structure that can withstand various weather conditions
  • Large solar panel with an impressive conversion rate of up to 18%
  • Cool white light color of 6500K and a luminous flux of 200 LM, ideal for illuminating various objects


  • No motion sensors, cannot detect movements
  • Some customers may find the installation process challenging, specifically attaching the metal plate to gutters.

OUR RATING: ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights 

💡 BRIGHTNESS: 8/10 – These lights have 18 LED beads and a luminous flux of 200 LM, providing ample illumination for their purpose.
🕰️ BATTERY LIFE: 9/10 – They can operate for 8-10 hours after a complete charge, indicating that they last long without draining the battery.
🔌 CHARGING TIME: 7/10 – As with most solar products, charging time is dependent on available sunlight. These lights take up to 8 hours to charge fully.
💧 WATERPROOF: 8/10 – ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights are weather-resistant, and their durable structure can withstand various weather conditions.
💪 DURABILITY: 8/10 – The robust design of these lights coupled with weather resistance features assures the consumer of durability even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Lights are ideal for individuals looking for a reliable and eco-friendly lighting solution for their outdoor area, but not suitable for individuals looking for lights with motion sensors.


Option #6. ROSHWEY Gutter Lights 6 Pack

ROSHWEY Gutter Lights, 6 Pack Solar Patio Decor Lights with 9 LED...

The ROSHWEY Gutter Lights 6 Pack  offers a distinctive design that draws inspiration from UFOs, perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces like your garden, backyard, walkway, gutter, pool, patio, or deck. These solar-powered lights come with two installation options and feature larger solar panels and batteries that offer a lifespan of 6-10 hours, depending on temperature and direct sunlight exposure. Built to last, these lights are made from high-quality eco-friendly ABS material that is both waterproof and resilient, suited for use in all outdoor weather conditions.

What’s more, these gutter lights not only provide functionality but also offer stylish decor for your home with their unique UFO-inspired design. Equipped with 9 LED lights boasting a cool white color temperature of 6500K, LED power of 0.9W, and lumen of 100, these lights will brighten your outdoor spaces and add to its ambiance.

Despite the numerous benefits, it’s important to mention some setbacks. A few customers have reported issues with the included batteries but can easily be replaced by Amazon rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, while the metal brackets used to attach the lights to gutters, walls, eaves or fences may rust easily, this concern can be addressed by using anti-corrosive spray.

All in all, the ROSHWEY Gutter Lights 6 Pack makes an excellent choice for those seeking solar-powered lighting. However, it’s crucial to consider the color temperature and prepare to swap out batteries or protect against rust. Nonetheless, these lights will add a unique ambiance to your space and sure to be a conversation starter.


  • Solar-powered for eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.
  • Unique UFO-inspired design adds stylish decor to outdoor spaces.
  • High-quality eco-friendly ABS material is waterproof and resilient.
  • Larger solar panels and batteries offer a lifespan of 6-10 hours.


  • Included batteries may need to be replaced, according to some customers.
  • Metal brackets may rust easily.
  • Color temperature of 6500K may not suit all users’ preferences.
  • Anti-corrosive spray may be necessary to protect against rust.

OUR RATING: ROSHWEY Gutter Lights 6 Pack 

💡 BRIGHTNESS: 9/10 – Boasting 9 LED lights with 100 lumens and 6500K color temperature, these lights give off great illumination that adds ambiance to outdoor spaces.
🕰️ BATTERY LIFE: 7/10 – With 6-10 hours of operation time, depending on the weather and sun exposure, these lights provide moderate battery life for solar-powered lights.
🔌 CHARGING TIME: 8/10 – ROSHWEY Gutter Lights have larger solar panels and batteries, and a charging time of 6-8 hours, providing swift charging times for their battery packs.
💧 WATERPROOF: 9/10 – These lights are constructed from eco-friendly ABS plastic that is waterproof, ensuring that you can use them all year round in outdoor weather.
💪 DURABILITY: 8/10 – These lights are made from eco-friendly ABS plastic, making them sturdy and durable, but customers have mentioned concerns over their metal brackets rusting.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – ROSHWEY Gutter Lights 6 Pack are perfect for those desiring eco-friendly, unique solar-powered lighting, but may require additional maintenance to address issues with the brackets rusting.



In conclusion, solar gutter lights are the ultimate value for homeowners looking to brighten up their outdoor spaces without hiking up their electricity bills. These lights are not only eco-friendly but also very easy to install and use. Thanks to the latest technological advancements in the solar industry, they can last for 8-12 hours after a full charge. Moreover, solar gutter lights come in different shapes, sizes, brightness levels, and functions to cater to each homeowner’s unique needs. Some models have PIR sensors to turn on automatically when they sense motion, providing excellent home security by lighting up the darkness. In choosing the right solar gutter lights for your home, consider some factors like weatherproofing, waterproofing, and the type of solar panel used. With a little research and guidance from experts, you’re sure to find the perfect solar gutter lights for your home. Don’t forget to make sure they’re installed correctly to guarantee maximum performance. Finally, we appreciate you taking the time to read this review and hope you’ve found some helpful tips regarding solar gutter lights. Happy shopping!

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