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GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven - Hybrid Electric Grill | Portable Oven &...
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GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven - Hybrid Electric Grill | Portable Oven &...
  • ✅ Hybrid Solar Cooker: The Gosun Hybrid Solar Oven is 5x more efficient than a traditional electric oven. It is...
  • ✅ Temperature Range: The long-lasting vacuum tube camping cookware provides insulation to keep the heat in and...
  • ✅ Lightweight Portable Design: Sun Oven Camping Cookware has about 16 pounds of weight and consumes only 150...

What is a solar grill?

How does it work?

Is it very effective?

A solar grill is a product that is designed to cook food by “grilling” using solar energy. The food heats up to a high temperature and cooks in a short amount of time while exposed to the sun’s rays.

These solar grills work by absorbing solar energy and using it to heat a glass cooking tube. Food that is loaded into this tube cooks relatively quickly, as long as it remains in direct sunlight.

Some of these grills include metal attachments designed to absorb even more sunlight and reflect it onto the grill. Others come with electrical backup cooking options so you can prepare food even if there’s no sun available at the time.

In this article, you’ll find information about three of our favorite solar grills. Take your time looking through these options to find the grill that works best for you, and bring it along on your next camping trip or other outdoor adventure!

Option #1

Custom GoSun Go Backpacker’s Rugged Sun Oven Solar Grill

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The No products found. comes built into a durable backpack-style carrying case to make it easier than ever to bring along with you on adventures. The case is made of BPA-free materials so it’s safe for exposure to your food and cooking elements. This choice comes with a spork for eating conveniently on the go and provides everything you need to get started cooking in the great outdoors right away. This solar grill provides a convenient way to cook while you’re camping or hiking and also makes a good addition to any emergency or disaster preparedness kits. With this grill, it’s possible to cook a meal in just about 20 minutes.


  • This backpack solar grill weighs only two pounds and zips tightly shut so it’s safe to travel with and easy to bring along, even in the rain.
  • The solar grill is capable of cooking up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit on the inside of the tube, but keeps the outside of the tube cool to the touch for improved safety.


  • This backpack solar grill isn’t very big, and it may only be large enough to provide enough cooking space for one person instead of two hikers traveling together.
  • This option may be a little challenging to clean and may especially be tricky to clean out while on the go in the middle of the woods.
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2.Gosheng Smokeless Energy Saving Solar Cooker

Gosheng Portable Solar Oven 3.5L Large Capacity Solar Cooker for...

With the Gosheng Smokeless Energy Saving Solar Cooker, camping and hiking just got a lot easier! This solar grill runs entirely on solar power and doesn’t require any fuel or flames to operate. Because of this, it doesn’t produce any smoke while it’s running and remains cool to the touch for safety purposes. The grill is ideal for use on camping trips around small children and is capable of cooking enough food at once for up to five people. This offer comes in a convenient portable carrying case with a locking lid for safety and durability on the go.


  • This choice requires very little setup and can get started cooking right away, as long as you have exposure to direct sunlight available.
  • When positioned in full sunlight, the solar grill can reach an internal temperature of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 30 minutes.


  • When camping in the woods, this offer can be a little tricky to clean out completely and may be difficult to bring along on extended hikes because of this.
  • Depending on how much your family eats at one time, the volume of this choice may not be able to feed five people despite this option specifications.

Option #3

GoSun Fusion Solar Oven

GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven - Hybrid Electric Grill | Portable Oven &...

Choose the GoSun Fusion Solar Oven when you’re looking for a high-quality and durable solar grill to keep your food cooking on your next camping or hiking excursion. This grill weighs only 14 pounds when it’s closed and packed down, and it’s easy to bring along on just about any overnight or weekend camping trip. This option sets up in just a few short minutes and gets started cooking right away. Thanks to its convenient off-the-grid design, it doesn’t take long for this offer to heat up and begin heating your food as well. This offer comes with everything you need to use it right out of the box.


  • This choice works with both solar and electric power, so you can use it in the sun and also cook on cloudy or rainy days without worry.
  • This option features a built-in reflector frame that helps the cooking chamber absorb more solar energy when it’s open.


  • Some customers report issues with the feet on this choice becoming wobbly after just a few uses and causing food to spill out of the cooking tube.
  • The plastic parts on this option, including the plug, may not be able to withstand the high temperatures the cooking tube reaches while it’s in use.


Did you find a good solar grill to suit your needs? Solar grills can make a great addition to emergency preparedness kits, and they also make a fun and easy way to prepare food while hiking or camping. These grills offer a convenient alternative to campfires, especially in situations where young children may be present or fire risk may be too high in a given location.

With so many different uses for solar grills, it’s easy to see why they’re such popular choices for a variety of different people! But how can you know which grill is the best for you?

Here are a few tips for picking the best solar grill for your needs:

  • Choose a solar grill you don’t mind carrying. Some are lighter than others, so make sure you pick one that’s light enough for your needs.
  • Pick a solar grill you can clean easily enough while you’re on the go. While you may still need to finish cleaning it when you get back home, it’s important to be able to at least rinse it out while you’re camping.
  • Pick a solar grill that holds enough food for you and anyone you’re traveling with. It can be difficult to find a high-capacity solar grill, but try to find one that will cover everyone’s needs.
  • Go with a solar grill that works efficiently. The quicker your food cooks, the sooner everyone in your party will be able to eat!
  • Finally, choose a solar grill from a company with good customer service. This way, if anything goes wrong with the product, you can get it taken care of.

Now that you’ve taken some time to think about your solar grill needs, it’s time to pick your favorite! Choose from the list above and get ready to enjoy delicious solar-cooked food on the go no matter where your adventures may take you. Remember that you will need to set up your solar grill in direct sunlight in order for it to work properly, and you should start cooking while you still have plenty of sunlight left in the day to make sure your food finishes before the sun goes down. Happy cooking!

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