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Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock LED Light Solar Powered...
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Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock LED Light Solar Powered...
  • 【Elegant Design】Siedinlar Solar deck lights is made of aluminium alloy, solar panels, led, and storage battery....
  • 【Resistance to Pressure】Solar deck lights Resistance to pressure (up to 20 tons) . It will not be damaged even...
  • 【Easy to Use】First time using, (make sure to turn on the switch) Solar deck lights are charged in the daytime...

What are dock lights?

How do you know you need them?

Why are solar dock lights a better choice than electrical ones?

Dock lights are a type of lighting designed to be installed along docks. They provide improved visibility in dock settings after the sun goes down and make it easier and safer to walk near the water too.

If you own a dock or rent space for your boat with a dock section included, then you should consider dock lights. These lights can give you peace of mind when walking in the dark and also provide aesthetic appeal and ambience for your surroundings.

Solar dock lights work better than electrical ones because they don’t need to be hooked up to any electricity sources in order to function properly. They mount quickly and easily, and they absorb solar energy while charging.

They also keep you from having to pay additional fees to power electrical lighting for your dock. These lights help the environment while also providing energy efficiency that helps your wallet.

In this article, we’ll show you five of our favorite solar dock lights. Take a look at this list and find the right dock lighting for your needs.

Option #1

Solar Ground Dock Light

Solar Deck Lights, Driveway Walkway Dock Light Solar Powered...

This Solar Ground Dock Light provides ample lighting for many dock situations. This choice comes in three options which include a single round light, a four-pack of round lights, and a single square light. These lights install quickly and easily, and they are sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather as well as accidentally stepping on them.


  • These dock lights turn on automatically when the sun goes down and stay on until it comes up again.
  • The lights feature a spacious solar panel on top for maximum solar absorption.


  • The lights don’t come with any screws for installation.
  • The lights are made of plastic instead of metal for the casing.

Option #2

Siedinlar Solar Dock LED Light

Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock LED Light Solar Powered...

The Siedinlar Solar Dock LED Light features a stylish silver design with a raised frame and a top-mounted solar panel. This LED light comes in a four-pack with included screws to make mounting easier in almost any location. This option resists pressure and holds up well to exposure to the elements.


  • These lights provide twelve hours of light on about eight hours of charge in direct sunlight.
  • The lights feature a metal frame that provides extra stability.


  • The lights may be too dim for some customers.
  • Some lights may arrive not working right out of the box.

Option #3

Unifun Dock LED Lights

Solar Deck Lights, UNIFUN Driveway Outdoor LED Lights,Solar...

Bring home this six-pack of Unifun Dock LED Lights to enjoy quick and simple installation. These lights come with screws for easy mounting and include six LED lights on each individual piece. They offer bright lighting for extra visibility in the dark and reach up to 875 yards, depending on where they’re mounted.


  • The lights feature a sleek, low profile with a black frame that blends in well with most surroundings.
  • The light only needs to charge for about five hours to operate all night.


  • The on/off function may be pressed too easily on these lights because it is a button rather than a switch.
  • The lights may not be bright enough for all customers.

Option #4

CLY Solar Deck Lights

CLY Solar Deck Lights Outdoor Driveway Dock LED Light Solar...

This set of CLY Solar Deck Lights comes in an eight-pack. This offer features top-mounted solar panels and sturdy black frame with lights mounted on all sides. Each light comes with 20 LEDs installed in it for plenty of illumination as needed throughout the night.


  • This choice holds up well to rain, frost, and heat, and it doesn’t rust or gather water.
  • The lights only need to charge for about six hours to run for most of the night.


  • Some lights may arrive malfunctioning out of the box.
  • The lights may develop condensation in some rare instances.

Option #5

Jackyled Solar 8-Pack Dock Path LED Lights

These Jackyled Solar 8-Pack Dock Path LED Lights provide simple but effective lighting solutions for dock, porch, and driveway needs. These lights mount easily with the use of included screws and stay firmly in place, even in high wind situations. They provide weather resistance and don’t gather water inside the frames easily. Since these lights are also intended for driveway use, they can resist a lot of pressure and don’t crack or break easily. They each come with six LED lights mounted inside them and a top-mounted solar panel on each one as well.


  • These lights come in a variety of light colors including blue, silver, green, and yellow to meet whatever colored lighting needs you may have.
  • The frames are made of durable polycarbonate material that is designed to hold up well for a long time and remain functional in all sorts of weather and environmental conditions.


  • The lights may arrive packaged poorly and may become damaged during transit because of this, although the company will usually send replacements if this occurs.
  • Many customers report problems getting in touch with customer service over issues with these lights, even though they offer to send replacements when necessary.


As you can see, there are a lot of solar dock light options to choose from. These lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and lighting styles to meet almost any needs. Although most are intended to mount on the dock itself, some may come with other mounting solutions for other applications as well.

Finding the right solar light for your dock is the first step, but learning how to operate it to make the most of its solar power is the next. When you install a solar dock light, it’s important to brush up on the right way to use it.

Keep these solar dock light tips in mind:

  • Choose the best lights by picking ones that work for your climate first and foremost. From there, you can narrow down your choice further based on style, color, budget, and more.
  • Check that your lights are bright enough by charging them in direct sunlight first and checking them over the course of a few days after installation.
  • Space your lights far enough apart by using the slats on your dock to measure them. Count how many slats you have and how many lights, then use that information to measure equal distances between each one.
  • Make sure your lights stay charged through the night by positioning them in locations where they sit in direct sunlight most of the day. They shouldn’t receive much shade if you need them to run all night.

With this information in hand, you can make better decisions about where to place your lights and how to use them. Take your time considering your options so you can bring home lights that work well in your climate and provide enough lighting for your dock.

Don’t forget that some docks, especially rentals or those located in certain areas, may require specific lighting strengths or light colors. Much like an HOA’s guidelines, you may have to follow certain rules about your dock lighting depending on where you live. Look into this if you believe it may be true for you.

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