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Greenbriar Plastic Solar-Powered Swinging Monkey, Style May Vary
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Greenbriar Plastic Solar-Powered Swinging Monkey, Style May Vary
  • Powered by any bright light
  • Solar powered on your dashboard, window sill or desk
  • Study alternative energy forms with this solar dancer/swinger

What are solar dancing toys?

Are they meant for display or for kids to play with?

How are they used?

Solar dancing toys are toys that operate on solar energy instead of batteries. They use this energy to “dance” or otherwise move in various ways.

These toys are designed to be safe for kids to use, but they also look great as dashboard accessories. They’re the perfect way to entertain the whole family while taking long trips, and they also make great additions to campsites, tailgating parties, and more.

If you’re looking for dancing toys to use for your own family or give as gifts, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of solar-powered toys below to find the right one for you, your kids, and anyone else you might know.

Option #1

Greenbriar Plastic Solar-Powered Swinging Monkey

Greenbriar Plastic Solar-Powered Swinging Monkey, Style May Vary

The Greenbriar Plastic Solar-Powered Swinging Monkey provides a pop of color and fun for any room or outdoor space. This cute toy features a green base with a solar panel on top and yellow flower decorations. The monkey hangs from a tree branch in the middle and swings back and forth gently when placed in direct sunlight.


  • This toy works well on dashboards and may even work in fluorescent lighting in some cases.
  • The monkey sometimes swings for a while after the sun goes down, too.


  • This choice may arrive broken or damaged out of the box.
  • Some customers have reported receiving the wrong product when ordering this item and may get a different animal instead of a monkey.

Option #2

Puckator Solar Pal

Puckator Solar Pal, Brown

Check out the Puckator Solar Pal for the Wallace and Gromit fans in your life. This toy is designed to look like Gromit and features a solar panel on top. In sunlight, the head bobs up and down for the entertainment of everyone watching.


  • The toy holds up well to long-term use and doesn’t fade out in the sun.
  • The solar panel works well and causes the toy to dance for hours.


  • This option may arrive poorly packaged and broken due to shipping.
  • Customer service may be difficult to reach for this option.

Option #3

Solar Powered Dancing Coffee Cart Barista

Solar Powered Dancing Coffee Cart Barista

With this Solar Powered Dancing Coffee Cart Barista, you can enjoy a somewhat different take on a solar toy. This toy features a small coffee cart with a plastic barista ready to make a latte. In sunlight, the barista wiggles back and forth and waves his arms. This is a larger solar toy than some of the others listed here.


  • This toy features durable plastic that holds up well to long-term use in the sun.
  • The solar panel is on top of this toy so it’s easy to position in the sunlight.


  • This toy may be harder to clean due to its more detailed parts than some others on the list.
  • This toy is less appropriate for kids than it is for adults.

Option #4

Solar Dancing Toy

Solar Dancing Toy (Sold individually, styles vary)

Try this Solar Dancing Toy if you’re looking for a colorful low-cost toy to decorate a child’s room or a campsite. This little toy includes a miniature flowerpot and a stem with either a flower or a ladybug on the end. This offer wobbles back and forth in the sun and lifts the mood of any space.


  • The toys arrive packaged in plastic to help keep them protected in shipping.
  • This choice works well when positioned in a windowsill.


  • It is impossible to choose the style of this toy and all of them are sold by random choice.
  • In some cases, the toy may arrive broken.

Option #5

Solar Powered Dancing Chipmunk

No products found.

This No products found. dances by wobbling back and forth when placed in direct sunlight. This option features a colorful chipmunk holding two flowers and positioned underneath a third flower. The base is made to resemble grass and designed to cleverly hide the solar panel.


  • This toy works well on dashboards and even in windows where it receives enough sunlight.
  • The toy may work under fluorescent lighting in some instances.


  • Some products may arrive not working out of the box.
  • The flower over the squirrel may prevent light from reaching the panel in some cases.
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Option #6

Ygmoner Solar Dancing Toy

YGMONER Solar Dancing Toy Animal Solar Powered Dancing Dolls...

Check out this Ygmoner Solar Dancing Toy when you’re looking for a fun and whimsical addition to a campsite, trailer, or patio. This toy is made of sturdy ABS plastic and features a built-in solar panel on the front to absorb sunlight quickly and efficiently. This offer includes a cactus that dances by moving its arms in sunlight.


  • This cactus toy works well when placed on a level surface in direct sunlight.
  • The toy works especially well on vehicle dashboards as long as it isn’t left in an overheating car for too long.


  • This toy doesn’t include a battery, so it only works in sunlight and doesn’t hold a charge.
  • Some customers have trouble getting in touch with customer service.

Option #7

Outdoors By Design Squirrel and Monkey

No products found.

The No products found. come together in a set of two. Both toys work as bobbleheads, with the monkey bobbling from the waist-up and the squirrel’s head and tail bobbling too. These toys work well when placed in direct sunlight on a level surface for at least a couple of hours a day.


  • These solar dancing toys are made of sturdy plastic that holds up well and can be cleaned easily.
  • The toys come packaged well so they don’t suffer any damages in shipping.


  • These toys work better as decorations than they do as children’s playthings, since they require a level surface to charge.
  • The toys don’t hold a charge for very long and operate best when kept in sunlight throughout the time you want them to dance.
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Did you find a toy to suit your needs? These solar dancing toys all work in more or less the same way by absorbing solar energy through a small solar panel on the front or top of the device. They usually dance or otherwise move through the use of this solar power. Kids enjoy watching them and playing with them, and adults like using them as decorations.

Although these toys are meant for most ages, they are best kept away from little children. Some may have small working parts that make them unsafe for children under the age of 3. Additionally, it may not be safe for very young kids to be around the solar panel or solar cell battery included in some of these devices. The dancing mechanics may also be unsafe for very small fingers.

If you’re looking for a great solar dancing toy for your kids, make sure they’re old enough to play with the toy you choose safely. Remember, too, that these toys don’t have a lot of functions, so some kids may not enjoy or appreciate playing with them as much as others. You know your kids best, so consider safety as well as entertainment value when choosing one of the dancing toys from the list above.

When you pick one of our recommended toys, you’re sure to be pleased with the results!

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