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AMERICAN HUNTER Solar Charger for R-Kit, 6V, Black, R-kit/RD-Kit
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AMERICAN HUNTER Solar Charger for R-Kit, 6V, Black, R-kit/RD-Kit
  • Converts sunlight into electric power
  • For charging 6 Volt rechargeable batteries
  • Weatherproof, rustproof and corrosive resistant

How reliable is a solar 6 volt battery charger?

What are some situations in which this offer might be a good choice for you?

What should you look for in a solar 6v battery charger?

Six-volt solar battery chargers are usually quite reliable. They provide plenty of charging capabilities for any type of product that contains a six-volt battery. Some are designed to work for phones and other smart devices, while others have different purposes in mind.

Camping, hiking, hunting, and simply powering your devices with less impact on the environment are all good reasons to check out a solar battery charger for six-volt batteries.

These batteries come in both traditional charger style options and in trickle style charger options. The right choice for you depends largely on the type of product you’re looking to power.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a six-volt solar battery charger for your needs:

  • Pick a charger with the right type of plug or one that comes with an adapter for your device. If you can’t plug it in, it won’t work very well as a charger!
  • Pick a charger that can be mounted where you need it. Some chargers can rotate or are portable, so mounting in direct sunlight is easier and more convenient, too.
  • Pick a charger that offers enough output power to work with whatever you may be charging. Depending on this choice you want to charge, you may need a smaller or a larger output, so pay close attention to product specs to determine this.

With this information in mind, you can move forward and go shopping for the right battery for you.

Take a look at this option list we’ve gathered below. These batteries all provide plenty of charging and last a long time, so you can easily power whatever type of device you might have, as long as it includes a six-volt battery.

Option #1

Longdex 6V Battery Power Charge Module

Longdex 2pcs 1.2W 6V Polycrystalline Silicon DIY Battery Power...

With the Longdex 6V Battery Power Charge Module, you can enjoy up to 1.2 watts of output power from a single device. This charger works well for cell phones as well as other small devices such as low-power water pumps and some lights. This choice includes everything you need to get started using it right out of the box and lasts a long time as well.


  • This panel comes with a 3-meter-long wire that plugs into a variety of ports, making it convenient and easy to use.
  • The panel is built to last and holds up well to long-term use, and it even features a durable outer casing to protect it from impacts.


  • The panel may not work with all products, so it’s important to check the specifications and the connector type before buying.
  • The panel may not provide enough output to charge all devices, although it usually works to maintain them at their existing charge even so.

Option #2

Highwild 6-Volt Solar Panel Charger

Highwild 6-Volt Solar Panel Charger for 6V Feeder Battery

Try the Highwild 6-Volt Solar Panel Charger if you’re looking for a powerful, durable, small solar panel to provide 6V battery charging capabilities. This panel features a sturdy front cover made of polycarbonate designed to absorb as much light as possible while keeping this offer well-protected against impact and damage. This option comes with everything needed to mount it and use it right away.


  • This charging panel comes with a stainless-steel flex-style cord that protects it while allowing it to bend as needed.
  • This offer comes with a mounting bracket made of aluminum for long-term durability.


  • This choice may arrive missing some pieces in rare instances.
  • Part of the cord is not covered with the steel coating.

Option #3

American Hunter Solar Charger

AMERICAN HUNTER Solar Charger for R-Kit, 6V, Black, R-kit/RD-Kit

Consider the American Hunter Solar Charger if you’re looking for a convenient solar panel charger that fits a variety of kits. This option works on many 6-volt batteries and mounts easily just about anywhere you need to use it. The durable, long-lasting design of this charger makes it an excellent addition to many outdoor packs and gear sets.


  • The charger is built to resist corrosion so your batteries can last as long as possible.
  • The charger is also resistant to both rust and weather conditions.


  • When used on trail cams as intended, this charger may not charge easily due to its odd mounting location.
  • The solar panel requires frequent cleaning to work properly.

Option #4

Suner Power 6V Waterproof Solar Battery

SUNER POWER 6V Waterproof Deer Feeder Solar Battery Trickle...

Check out the Suner Power 6V Waterproof Solar Battery charger when you’re looking for a product that is both intuitive and efficient. This charger includes protections to help prevent over-charging, discharging, and short circuiting in your devices. This offer features a smart charging function that alternates between three different charge settings as needed.


  • This charger includes a color-based LED light indicator to let you know when it’s working, charging, or needs attention.
  • The charger is made of long-lasting aluminum with thick, sturdy glass covering the solar panels and is designed to last a long time.


  • Some products may only last a few months before they need the internal solar cell replaced.
  • This choice may rarely arrive not working.

Option #5

Trail Camera Solar Panel

TKKOK Trail Camera Solar Power Panel 8000mAh 3W Supporting 12V 9V...

The Trail Camera Solar Panel works specifically for trail cams and is built to last. This solar panel charger keeps your trail camera running longer and works with many of the most common brand names in the world of trail cameras as well.


  • This charger includes three different voltage outputs so you can use the right one for your device every time.
  • The charger’s mount can be rotated 360 degrees so you can easily find the perfect setting for it, no matter where you need to mount it.


  • This option may not run a camera for more than a day on a single charge.
  • The included cables may not work with all cameras.


Did you find the right solar battery charger for your needs? It can take some time to narrow down the options and pick the perfect charger, but with so many high-quality options to choose from, you should find what you’re looking for eventually.

But what can you really do with a charger like this? Here are a few ways you might want to use this choice:

  • Use it to charge or maintain the charge on your cell phone and other smart devices while hiking or camping.
  • Use it to charge or maintain the charge on trail cams used for hunting.
  • Use it to charge or operate solar-powered mini devices such as fans, keyboards, and more.
  • Use it to provide trickle charging for small appliances that run on six-volt batteries, specifically those designed for RVing and camping purposes.
  • Use it to charge solar-powered lights that plug into solar panels so you can use them after the sun goes down or on cloudy days.

You may have completely different plans in mind for your charger, and that’s okay, too! When you pick from this option list above, you’ll be able to bring home a quality product that is built to last. You’ll also enjoy long-term solar charging for any of your six-volt devices.

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