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NOW 20 Watts. Trolling Motor 24V battery charger- 1/2 Amp Trickle...
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NOW 20 Watts. Trolling Motor 24V battery charger- 1/2 Amp Trickle...
  • Designed in California - Plug & Play Adapters Included - Free Tech Support
  • Slow charger - designed to recharge slowly between trolling motor uses.
  • Will generate 3-4 Amp hours per day for 24V Batteries. Voltage Regulator (Controller) is NOT needed for 24V

What is a solar 24 volt battery charger?

How does this type of product work?

What can you do with it?

This type of battery charger is designed to use the power of the sun to charge or maintain a 24-volt battery. Most of the time, these batteries are found in trolling motors or in other types of motors, so a 24-volt solar battery charger is most likely to be used for motor maintenance.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind about these battery chargers:

  • These offers work by simply plugging them into the trolling motor or other motor, attaching the solar panel to a place that gets a lot of sun, and letting the system do its job. The solar panel absorbs energy and transfers it to the battery in need of a charge.
  • The majority of these items aren’t chargers in the common sense of the word, but they do provide a steady trickle of energy to maintain or very slowly charge the battery and motor in question.
  • They do not, however, quickly charge the battery from a completely empty state.
  • They are meant for use throughout the day to get more hours out of your battery.
  • These chargers can also be used to keep a battery from draining in a vehicle or motor that is kept outdoors and not used often.

In this article, we’ll show you five of our favorite 24-volt solar battery chargers. You can check out these options and see the different strengths of weaknesses of each one, and then use this information to find the right solution for your battery charging needs.

Remember to pick a charger that not only fits the boat or other location where you’ll be mounting it but also provides enough power to get the job done. Pick one that has all the features you’re looking for in a battery charger as well.

Take your time looking through the options below to find the right choice for your battery.

Option #1

PowerEZ 24 Volt Solar Battery Charger

PowerEZ 24Volt 10 Watts Solar Battery Charger for Trolling Motor...

The PowerEZ 24 Volt Solar Battery Charger makes it easy to charge batteries on your trolling motor as well as other vehicles and locations. This charger installs quickly and easily on either a flat surface or a surface with a slight curve. It’s flexible enough to work on curves but not so bendable that it would become prone to breakage.


  • The solar panel weighs just a little over two pounds, making it a lightweight and convenient addition to any boat.
  • The charger works well as a trickle charger for a trolling boat motor.


  • The device is only intended for 24V motors and can’t be used with any others.
  • This option may break if it is improperly mounted.

Option #2

Trolling Motor 24V Battery Charger

NOW 20 Watts. Trolling Motor 24V battery charger- 1/2 Amp Trickle...

With the Trolling Motor 24V Battery Charger, you can enjoy a simple design and a low profile to keep your boat streamlined and ready to go. This charger plugs easily into your trolling motor to provide several hours of use each day on 24 volts.


  • This charger includes a spacious solar panel that provides plenty of room to absorb the sun’s energy.
  • The charger recharges itself between uses so it always has power readily available.


  • If the motor’s batteries are completely run out, it may take some time to charge them up again.
  • This offer only works with 24V setups.

Option #3

PulseTech SP-24PSC Solar 24-Volt Battery Charger

PulseTech SP-24PSC - Solar 24-Volt Battery Charger Desulfator

Set up the PulseTech SP-24PSC Solar 24-Volt Battery Charger to get any 24V motor up and running in no time. This charger is intended to hook up to a motor that is left outside and serve as a trickle charger to keep it powered up in between uses.


  • This choice features a special battery design that extends the life of the battery by reducing sulfate content.
  • This charger can be used on all types of 24V motors.


  • This option is a trickle charger, so it keeps batteries charged over time rather than charging them quickly.
  • This offer doesn’t have any LED indicator lights to signal when it’s working or not.

Option #4

DuraVolt Trolling Motor Charger

UPGRADED DuraVolt Blue Trolling Motor Charger - 24 Volt Solar...

Plug in the DuraVolt Trolling Motor Charger and enjoy a steadily maintained charge for your trolling motor over the course of hours of use. This charger features a semi-flexible design that makes it easy to mount just about anywhere without worrying about breaking it.


  • The charger features a sleek and streamlined design that doesn’t get in the way of operating your motor or your boat.
  • The charger can also work with some other types of 24V motors.


  • It may take several days to charge batteries that are completely empty with this charger.
  • The charger is not completely bendable and may break if bent too far.

Option #5

Solar Battery Charger Kit

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This convenient Solar Battery Charger Kit comes with everything you need to charge a 24V or 12V battery right away. This choice includes a peel-and-stick solar panel that can be unrolled and mounted on almost any surface as well as a charge controller for easy use.


  • This setup includes a 30-foot cable to make installation and use even easier.
  • The solar panel features long-lasting durability and wind resistance.


  • This option may not function as long as some others on the list because of the flexible style of solar panel.
  • The solar panel cannot be easily removed without damaging it once it has been mounted to a surface.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent 24-volt battery chargers out there that utilize the power of the sun to keep your motors running strong. Whether you’re looking for a battery charger for your car, your trolling motor, or some other vehicle or motor, you can easily find the perfect fit when you choose one of these offers from the list above. These powerful solar chargers hold up well to a lot of use and are designed to resist the elements, too.

So which one should you choose? Which of these choices is the best choice for battery charging needs?

We recommend going with the DuraVolt Trolling Motor Charger. This charger mounts easily to a variety of locations and can be moved without damaging the solar panel if necessary. This offer provides plenty of power and a trickle charger effect that keeps motors running smoothly. This charger isn’t too difficult to install or maintain, and it comes from a company with excellent customer support and a commitment to satisfaction.

Overall, this choice offers the best value for the price and is sure to help you find just what you’re looking for when you need a 24V solar battery charger.

Of course, in the end, it’s entirely up to you to pick the charger you like the looks of the most. You might want to go with one that can be more easily mounted than others, or you may prefer one that is more permanently secured instead. You might prefer one that can be used on both 12V and 24V batteries, or you might want a charger that features a simple plug-and-use design.

Whatever you’re looking for, pick from the list above and you’ll be sure to bring home a high-quality item!

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