How does radiant barrier work?

Your walls can conduct heat from your attic into your home–radiant barrier reflects the heat making your home more energy efficient

Your walls conduct heat directly from the sun and scorching roof temperatures into your attic. Conventional insulation only slows down this transfer of heat, but a more effective solution is to combine traditional insulation with radiant barrier to reflect the majority of the heat before it gets into your attic space. Allowing your home to stay cooler and puts less strain on your air conditioning system especially in the hot Austin Texas summers. Radiant barriers come with other added benefits including rebate incentives from some utility providers as well as contributing toward LEED certification for the highest degree of energy efficient and even energy neutral homes available today.

  • Works to reduce temperatures by reflecting as much as 97% of the radiant heat from the sun and keeping it from transferring into your attic.
  • This can result in an overall reduction in your attic by up to 35°F
  • 100% American Made
  • Radiant barrier works year round since its designed to reflect heat it keeps the heat out in the summer and works to hold heat in during winter.
  • Radiant barrier actually works better the hotter it gets—so you’re protected year round.
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Full 20 year warranty – so you never have to worry about your radiant barrier
  • Extend the life of your heating and cooling systems!
  • LEED Certification – radiant barrier has one of the biggest impacts on efficiency of the roof and is a big component to qualify for green energy certifications such as LEED Platinum

Have questions about how it works?

This brief video will cover the way radiant barrier works and explain the beenfits it has to offer click here to watch the video.

Radiant barrier has proven its effectiveness through rigorous laboratory testing and in the real world installations with homeowners.

Still want to learn more about radiant barrier?

Read about radiant barrier on wikipedia.

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