SolarWorld USA is the largest U.S. based solar manufacturer for over 40 years. If you ask, “who is America’s Solar Leader?”, True answer is Solar World USA. We perform each and every process on U.S. soil starting from obtaining basic ingredients to delivering the final product at your door step.

The Solar World Standard

You would see a difference in our work style and technology as we aim U.S. market and we’re made up of U.S. market as well. Difference we’re talking can be seen with naked eye through The SolarWorld Standard , which elevates standards of quality for other to follow.

We have been successful for four decades due to our resilient & top notch quality standard. We’re a world apart from manufacturer who generate disposable products, we craft well-designed and well-built solar solutions which yield clean energy for more than 2 and half decade. Our product keep serving you at their best even in extreme weather conditions while facing snow storms, heavy rains and even sea-spray on beach front.

From start to finish, we precisely administer and deploy each phase of solar panel manufacturing, and the finished product proves itself supreme, profitable and cost effective for you with every passing day.

Solar World Extreme testing

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