REQCON has always been kept small by design—its no accident that we work with a close tight nit crew and carefully selected network of trusted vendors. By providing you with a personalized and professional experience each step of the way, Steve strives to work with each customer in a way that disruption of your daily routine is kept to a minimum. We know home work can be stressful so we work around your needs.

Requisite Contracting: “When QUALITY takes precedence over quantity”

This statement is the foundation upon which Requisite Contracting has been built. For
far to long now other contractors have put their focus on maximizing profits and maximizing production. As a result overall quality of products and services has steadily
dwindled. This is where REQCON decided to break the mold.

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About Me:

I have 14 years of experience in the construction industry. The last 5 of those have been dedicated to windows and doors. I feel customer service is just as important as
completing the physical work. Most importantly, I still spend time studying and researching old and new methods related to home renovation techniques.
In my spare time I very much enjoy being outdoors. Hiking, climbing, swimming, fishing, week long excursions into the unknown. I’ve always enjoyed building things. . I do this this because I enjoy hearing people say “I’m glad we did this. It was worth it”. I take pride in my work and it is easy to see when a project is complete.

Sometimes when I’m working I forget that I’m actually at work. I enjoy doing things that produce positive results……..and 2 for one lap dances