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No Games, No Gimmicks, Our Guarantee is Simple If it breaks, we’ll fix it FREE

We take our business seriously and believe a guarantee should mean more than just words on a page.  Backed up by the proof that if anything ever stops working with your Solar Energy System will get fixed right away without excuses and without any additional cost to you—even if that means it costs us more.

When we say Lifetime Guarantee, we mean it—we stand behind the system end-to-end including the quality 100% American Made Solar Panels, to the wiring and everything in between. The power producing performance and durability of our panels extend far beyond the day we install your system.  We’re proud to be the only company in Austin Texas to offer this exclusive ZERO HASSLE, ZERO HEADACHES guarantee. That’s the 5-star service and customer satisfaction we are known for.

We are consistently chosen as the #1 best solar company in Austin and Central Texas.  Even with all that praise from our growing list of happy customers, we don’t let it go to our heads. Here are just a few of the other great things you’ll experience as part of the Simplified Solar family:

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  • Peace of mind knowing that Simplified Solar carries full insurance for everything we do.
  • A custom system, sized by our experts to give you the optimum amount of electricity personally fit to meet your goals and your life.
  • With our great financing partners that means you get an affordable system for little to no money up front
  • Professional-grade monitoring, so you’ll know at any time exactly how much sun-power your system is generating and can translate the savings 24-7.
  • Lower utility bills for the next 20 years
  • Self-help tools that actually help! FAQ answers to questions you actually have
  • Real live webinars and other educational updates provided year round through our website so you can learn about the latest in cutting edge Solar Technology
  • The best customer support possible—a real live person—your very own in fact! You’ll know their name phone number, email, and what they look like from day 1. They will remain assigned directly to your account for the life of your system. That is our Personal Point of Contact Pledge standard with every new Solar Energy System.
  • A cleaner environment, and a greener tomorrow, 5-star satisfaction all without lifting a finger

Still wondering what if? Allow us to clear that up:

From the paperwork, and permits to the installation and even after the sale service, our world-class customer care team takes care of it all. Let us create a custom solar energy system for you—our customer that requires zero worry. You get our same 5-star service without costing you a single penny more. We built our focus around customer satisfaction and those foundations will be here long after other companies fade out.

We only offer 100% quality AMERICAN MADE Solar Panels, made with pride right here in the USA.  We take it a step further and require each of our Vice Presidents visit and tour the factory at which our products are made so that we can confidently back what we sell.  It’s the same reason we put our panels through hands on testing and push them to their limits shooting golf ball sized ice at over 150mph and other extreme durability tests including JUMPING ON THEM LIKE A TRAMPOLINE! After all that should you have a panel failure we ensure that our panels have a full 30 year warranty and can stand up to things you really shouldn’t ever do to your panels—but we do! You deserve the best quality and durability from your panels so we make sure our installations will stand up to the worst of it all.
At Simplified Solar we go the extra mile and our company policy mandates that each and every product we sell be personally tested in house.  We put our products through hell and back to verify their performance and durability—not satisfied to just plug it in….we actually try to break it.  Its why we believe in what we offer and how we ensure the highest quality solar modules, cells, power inverters, and other components for your home energy efficiency upgrades.
We’ve even thought about that!  All of our panels come with a complete 30 year warranty and we use only the best quality solar panels available today so the occurrence of a defective panel is less than .003% of the panels we sell.  But should you experience a problem or something happens for any reason—let us know and we will dispatch a crew to diagnose the problem and make the appropriate repairs and replace the faulty components most of the time within 48 hours!
Just like a roof…you’re COVERED! Your contract with Simplified Solar includes a full roof warranty, which protects your roof from leaks caused by our installation. Not all solar companies offer a warranty of any kind, make sure you ask the other guys if they guarantee work against leaks or failures during the life of your solar equipment.

Don’t worry. We have that covered too! Your call isn’t answered by some overseas call center or aggravating phone tree.  NOPE! Your call is important and is answered live in our local offices by a real live person–your very own in fact!  Your concerns will be handled right away by your designated account representative–You’ll know their name phone number, email, and what they look like from day 1.  Your account manager will remain your SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for the life of your system and should their employment with us change, we will reach out right away and have your new account manager introduce themselves as our FIRST item of business.that is part of our 5-star personal pledge.

The best customer support possible—just one of the many reasons people choose Simplified Solar as the best solar installer in Austin Texas

We’re always on the cutting edge of the latest advancements in Solar Energy Technology we invest in our employees searching out continuing education opportunities and ground breaking developments to improve our team and their knowledge of our products as well as groundbreaking developments in the industry.  It’s the reason we landed on Solar World for our exclusive panel supplier—after 40 years these guys have established themselves as innovators and even hold over 4,000 invention patents unique to each solar panel they sell.  We will always make sure you have the latest options available to you at any time.

This Homeowner was able to combine radiant barrier decking with added insulation improvements. The first month immediately following the work they saved $180 off their energy bill

This Homeowner spoke out and is now utilizing their roof space to reduce their electric consumption by 70%!!! Saving these customers nearly $200 per month on their bills

My install took just over 1 month exactly till everything was working and now my bill is 20 dollars or less each month! thanks guys!

I was sure my credit was going to be a problem but these guys worked with 2 different lenders and my own bank to get me a 3K system! i’m loving my solar panels!