George Gutierrez II
Founder of Simplified Solar

After a stint in the oil and gas industry my eyes were fully opened to the follies of fossil fuels. The cycle was never going to break, unless more people like myself jumped on the nearest soap box (or rooftop) and shouted that solar pays for itself! People weren’t listening or just didn’t care. They felt like this technology was far too complicated to understand, too expensive, and not attractive enough to go on their rooftop. I thought solar is beautiful if it’s installed right and the products aren’t from the cold war. I knew that if I created a very simple business model that holds the customers hand every step of the way, shows them how easy and quick a solar install can be, more Americans would invest in residential solar, and I would be helping the world become a cleaner place.

After years of working for the competition and quietly believing that they were presenting this all wrong. I began to create a much simpler system to demonstrate how solar can be viable for almost every American house hold. My clientele grew tremendously and people began to talk, asking for me personally. Despite my supervisor’s demands to stick to their “Pitches” I began presenting the bottom line. What it would take to drastically offset their utility bill and most importantly how long would it take to receive a return on their investment. It worked but the powers that be didn’t like this transparent approach. I thought to myself of a quote by Richard Branson. “The time to go into a new business is when it’s badly run by others.”

Regina A. Mangieri, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and President of Simplified Solar

Although a newcomer to the sustainable energy field, Regina is no stranger to science and technology. Regina has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of California, Irvine, and is an accomplished research scientist. Regina’s academic research has received funding from the National Institutes of Health and she has authored over 15 book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals. Regina brings a diverse scientific background that spans both the life and physical sciences, and she is excited to be able to apply her knowledge of electrical systems in her role as President of Simplified Solar.

Chief Operating Officer

Natalie had a depth of experience in two fields that were a perfect fit for our COO with personnel and brand management. Childcare was her original path and a great deal of her experience developed an incomparable ability to work patiently under stress and face each obstacle with a kind demeanor. She has applied her knowledge and skills along with her sunny disposition across a variety of positions held with sales marketing and brand management industries. Holding several positions representing major multinational brands such as Jack Daniels, her experience grew as she climbed her way through the liquor brand/promotion industry gaining a wealth of experience managing a growing brand while always connecting directly and personally with the customer. Her experience made her a natural fit for our Chief Operating Officer and guiding chair with future plans for our non-profit wing benefitting orphans and developing 3rd world countries through our charity efforts.

SEO (search engine optimization) Expert

Patrick came originally from a real estate and entrepreneurship background and brought with him sound financial analysis as well as a keen eye for investment opportunities. During his time within the commercial real estate field he discovered a personal interest in working to optimize the web presence for his various properties resulting in a positive impact for their search rankings. The skills and knowledge developed in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) caught the attention of a few friends whom became clients and allowed Patrick to diversify his experience with internet marketing for numerous industries from retail to industrial, cosmetics to gas & oil. Proficient across a number of platforms in Web development, Internet marketing, and Technologies Patrick was a natural fit for the highly competitive Solar Power Industry to lead the Strategic Marketing & Technology position within Simplified Solar Austin.