Demand Lighting in Austin, Tx. – Premium LED Light Bulbs for Commercial and Residential Solutions

Demand Lighting is a Manufacturer direct supplier of LED lighting solutions locally owned and operated in Austin Texas. We provide support for residential, commercial and industrial customers. From one end to the other, our quality and service is unmatched. See an example of the latest Texas elementary school cafeteria we completed.

We at Demand Lighting geek out about the power of LED Lighting. The department of energy confirms that LED lights last 25 times longer and use about 70-80% less energy than traditional lights. That’s a huge cost savings in terms of energy.


Gary Morrissey – Owner:

Gary is the biggest lighting geek in the company. He draws joy and satisfaction from not just helping the customer through the lighting process but when it’s completed the customer sees the difference in light output and their bottom line with the savings.

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