We take care of your entire solar project from start to finish. It’s that simple.

Get your FREE energy inspection and consultation

Every solar project begins with a quick and easy conversation with one of our experienced consultants to ensure solar is right for you. We can quickly review your roof via satellite imaging while discussing your annual energy usage, and provide you a free customized quote showing your potential energy savings. Since we are able to provide you this information in real time, we will remain on the line to answer any questions you may have. including a site assessment One of our experts will visit your home to begin your system design, verify field measurements, discuss financing options and introduce you to Simplified Solar.

Choose your solar energy solution

when you meet with our energy experts on our team you’ll be given all the options to save you the most on your home energy bills. from solar panels to window upgrades, radiant barriers, and insulation improvements we do it all. the only part you have to worry about is how many of our 5 star options you want to have us install for you. Our agreements are straightforward and simple. No hidden fees – period. The agreement will allow you to lock-in your electricity costs for the next 20 years and provide numerous warranties and guaranties that protect you and your home. Once you sign your agreement, our team gets to work for you!

Watch our solar professionals wow you with star service

this is where our star service will shine. on an average solar installation there can be more than 20 separate steps to coordinate from, permits, city applications, engineering design and certification, installation, inventory and material quality control, delivery, inspections, and finally utility interconnection. with one call to us, we handle it all and pride ourselves on making a headache filed process streamlined and enjoyable for our customers–in a word: simple. We will assign a personal account representative who will handle all of your questions or concerns both before during and after the installation process so no more aggravating phone trees or incompetent customer service calls. One real live human being and one direct phone number to keep you informed the whole way.

Soak up the SUN and the SAVINGS

before you know it your system will be installed, after which begins the final step which requires your utility company visit for final approval. depending on the company we have experienced varying degrees of responsiveness. Not to worry though! after installation we begin your SOLAR SAVINGS REWARD where we guarantee you’ll begin saving money beginning DAY 1 — ask us when you call (512) 888-5585 how we offer what no other company in Texas can by guaranteeing savings right away.

Satisfaction is our first priority

satisfaction and straight forward old-fashioned business practices are more than just a motto to us. they’re the foundation on which we built our business and we take our job seriously. participate in our energy savers rebate program and find out just how thrilled you can be with your new home energy profile improvements.