Financing makes solar affordable for every homeowner and every budget!

The cost of solar technology can add up, don’t let the initial costs of going green keep you from making a great investment in your home and future. In the past the cost kept many homeowners from enjoying the benefits of FREE power for their homes. At Simplified Solar we’ve removed all the barriers to make the process of saving THOUSANDS every year with your new solar energy system easy and provide you a turn key solution. we can provide ZERO INTEREST & ZERO PAYMENTS loans for qualified customers on 100% of the cost of your solar upgrades—invest in your future today

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What about credit?

Financing can not only make possible your dreams of going green but even improve the payback return your improvements will save. Even if you have less than perfect credit—we have a specialized team of lenders that enthusiastically work with all types of homeowners to enable you to begin saving today. We wanted to make sure nobody was left out on the ability to SAVE THOUSANDS on their bills. Your access to an energy efficient future shouldn’t be limited because of past credit.

What are my options when it comes to financing?

In-House Financing through Foundation Financing. We have arranged several different loan programs and options for all types of home improvements including solar and energy efficiency upgrades. We’ve made them our premier lending partner so that we have the ability to offer you
ZERO PAYMENT ZERO INTEREST loans to get youstarted saving with solar today. Foundation helps us continue to make it—SIMPLE.

Personally Obtained Loans

Most customers choose our Foundation Finance enabled In-house financing to avoid the hassles of traditional banks. Even still some customers prefer to work with their own banks and acquire their own loans or already have other plans for their financing needs. We encourage you to use the financing method that works best for you and will happily assist your bank by providing projected output data, invoices for the work and other documents necessary during your application. Be sure to ask about the various types of loan programs at your bank as some offer special loans for solar purchases, banks traditionally offer financing such as:

Home Equity Lines of Credit

HELOC are typically only available to those customers that have a large enough portion of equity in their homes. These can be a great option for homeowners looking to lock in a lower interest rate on their homes or those with other cash needs.

Home Improvement Loans

Unsecured home improvement loans are available through some banks most often to homeowners seeking to complete projects under $7,500.

Specialized ‘Green Loans’

These loans are directly for various types of green energy improvements and terms can vary depending on the bank offering them. We’ve found VELOCITY CREDIT UNION – solar loans program  has options for projects that qualify under $20,000.