Are you considering Solar Panels for Your Commercial Business in Austin Texas?

During the day our hot Texas summers are not only tough on us, they’re also tough on our energy bills when utility companies are charging rates at peak usage—sometimes double and even TRIPLE the off-peak pricing. That crucial time is when your new Solar power system is working at its best, decreasing the amount of energy you will demand from the utility company and moving you into some *COOL* savings. We understand the needs of commercial solar system owners and business operators in Austin Texas.

Business owners both large and small across Austin and Central Texas are discovering the financial benefits available with Commercial Solar Power Systems. Many Businesses from Office buildings to commercial warehouses and even smaller operations are beginning to ‘see the light’ that commercial buildings are a perfect match for Solar Panel installation. From the increased height of many buildings and the relatively low instance of shade these factors maximize the production of power from Solar Panels. Going solar is becoming a must for many businesses seeking to improve the bottom line

custom designed office installation

  • thousands of dollars in tax credit savings

  • significantly reducing energy bills from their own FREE power

  • additional shade provided by their solar structure keeping their structure COOL

  • reduced insurance premiums—find out all of the benefits of going green with Simplified Solar.

Businesses and other Commercial Solar customers received the same great federal rebates and incentives as residential customers—but can also end up saving MORE through reduced insurance premiums and other benefits made exclusively for businesses in Austin, Texas.

The government provides up to a 30% tax credit on any solar installation large or small, residential or commercial. But businesses can take advantage of additional financial benefits on their new Solar Power systems installed. Most installations qualify for component (accelerated) depreciation designations and can save you potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars further adding to your bottom line for going green today with Simplified Solar.

Commercial Solar Installation also has benefits for Marketing YOUR business

Office building solar panels

By making an investment in solar it makes a statement that your business is on the cutting edge of the latest trends and staying ahead of the curve for other competition. Businesses can promote themselves as GREEN and let prospective customers know about their commitment to the environment. 55% of consumers surveyed said they were willing to pay more from an environmentally responsible business or product—this number is up from 45-50% just last year and that number continues to grow faster each year.

“Nielsen’s 2014 Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, released Tuesday, shows that 55 percent of global online consumers across 60 countries are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.”

Solar Monitoring is just one of the ways you can use actual energy production numbers to advertise to your customers—gain new business and new leads just by going green display it in office areas and on your website. Every Solar system we install comes standard with complementary and full spectrum monitoring through our premium Enphase microinverters to allow you to monitor the production of your solar panels throughout the day.


Choosing Simplified Solar in Austin will allow you to participate in the added benefits or incentives available to commercial clients who look to do business with minority owned companies. Let us tell you all about the advantages available and added marketability of businesses who proudly support minority and women owned businesses!

Show your customers that who you do business with is as important as how you do business.

How about exclusive loans that are effectively FREE money to finance 100% of the cost of your Solar and Energy Smart Upgrades for your business?

At Simplified Solar we’re proud to be one of the first and ONLY companies who have made partnerships with local PACE approved lenders, creating a unique partnership exclusively for the benefit of our commercial customers. We are on the cutting edge of new technologies and programs that can allow us to bring Solar and Energy Upgrades to more customers and make the return on those products even more attractive. See our brief introduction below and call one of our energy experts to schedule a visit and give you a FREE energy audit for your business so we can show you how to save the most on your power bills.

Find out about PACE

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