Solar is n’t the only thing that is receiving preferential treatment—many local and federal rebates and incentives apply to these specially qualified home improvements as well.  Additionally Loans provided by private banks often have designations that apply to the 10 most common home efficiency upgrades under the same umbrella as Solar.  Our Energy Experts are up to date on the latest programs available in your area and can help you select the improvements that qualify for incentives and get you the highest payback on your investment.

Residential Solar in Texas is becoming more common, and there are brand new purchase options available to consumers.  Utility companies are offering new rebate incentive programs with easier qualification standards.  Banks and other lenders are taking notice and creating specialized financing options offered exclusively to homeowners seeking to invest in solar or other qualified energy efficiency improvements such as radiant barrier and solar water heaters.

At Simplified Solar we are on the cutting edge of new technologies that increase efficiency and turn  homes that in the past weren’t good candidates to receive solar into viable and healthy return on investment opportunities for excited new home owners in Central Texas.

YES! Banks and other lending institutions are taking notice of the rapidly growing demand for Solar in Texas and are providing unique loans to make the purchase of clean energy improvements accessible to almost every homeowner.  At Simplified Solar we work with a team of lending professionals to make sure that every homeowner is able to save money on their energy bills.  Fixed Long Term Loans and Short Term Bridge Loans offer the flexibility for homeowners to choose their payments, some even come with $0 Down or ZERO Interest payments.

Call and let one of our Solar Loan Experts SIMPLIFY the loan process and show you how quick &easy it can be to start saving today!

Financing the purchase of your new Residential Solar Panels is a great choice to improve the return on your investment.  Consumers now have many options to choose from with Banks and lenders offering various interest rate programs and exclusive loans for clean energy improvements—making the dream of energy independence more accessible than ever! Here are some of the most popular loan types for you to consider:

  • Secured Loans
  • Unsecured Loans
  • HELOC Loans
  • Revolving Lines of Credit
  • FHA Loans
  • PACE Financing (Travis County Residents Only)

Call us TODAY (512) 888-5585 and let one of our Solar Energy Experts explain the options available and help you decide which loan is best for you.

Yes,Solar and Energy Improvements are growing in popularity nationwide and the demand for them has never been higher.  We make it easy to Go Solar with our in-house financing options which include ZERO Payments, ZERO Interest, or ZERO Money Out of Pocket. We work with a team of lending partners to provide unique loan solutions for every homeowner—even those with less than perfect credit.  We have helped thousands of Austin & San Antonio residents achieve their dreams of energy independence and can even work with your own bank to assist with loan document processing.  We truly offer a full service solution with our company to meet your energy needs and to make it—SIMPLE.

For detailed information on financing, click here to visit our finance page

Solar Installation times in Austin and San Antonio take only one day in most cases.  Our company installers make the mounting, wiring, and physical placement of the panels a very quick process.  Other factors will impact the total wait time most customers experience before their solar energy system begins producing power for their home.

The permit approval process varies with each utility company (some easier than others) and is best handled by a professional Solar Company with experience in handling utilty providers.  Along with permits come proper adherence to qualifying rebate criteria to ensure you get the most money for your project.  After the installation there is further coordination necessary between us and your utility provider to complete the cross connect and finally turn your system on.  Depending on your Utility companies each require several steps along the way to completing your move to solar.  Typically the entire process for most of our customers takes about 90 days to complete.

Much to our frustration the other steps rely heavily on the responsive and timeliness of your local utility company—ever needed an answer to a question and been placed on hold for a half hour?  Fortunately we spend a great deal of time building relationships with many utility companies and have had great success with our requests being fast-tracked as much as 2-3x quicker than wait times with other Solar Companies.  Typical wait times even with our insider advantage can take 30-60 even 90 days after the installation is completed before they will perform the final cross connect and activate your solar power system to the grid so you can begin producing power for your home.

Solar Electric Systems for Residential or Commercial applications make great financial sense — offering a  rate of return of up to 15%, with payback as quickly as 3-5 years in some cases. You also have the ability to produce 100% or MORE of your needs for home energy.  Virtually eliminating your electric bill and insulating you from price increases by those greedy utility companies!  Reduce your carbon footprint — and do something good for the planet and our children’s future.  Solar is clean, reliable, renewable, and safe energy for the future. The average residential system PV Solar System saves close to 100 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its 30-year lifespan.

Dollar for dollar comparisons depend on a number of property specific factors and can even be improved with a few additional efficiency upgrades done at the time of your Install.  Weather Stripping of Doors and Windows is another FREE service we offer with purchase just to help our customers save more.  Your Solar Energy Expert will be able to give you a better estimate after we complete our FREE Solar Analysis and can get a better picture of your home’s exact needs.

For a roundabout idea, customers can expect to produce more electricity in the summer months from their system (when days are long), and slightly less in the winter months with most homeowners seeing a reduction of about 15% (because of the shorter days less sunlight is hitting your panels).  Though the good news is many homes in Austin and San Antonio see a reduced demand for electricity of nearly 50% that allows most homeowners to produce MORE than they are able to use in those months and builds credit for them to offset those expensive summer months.
The 3 most common sizesof Residential Solar Arrays and their average monthly electricity offset is:

  • 3Kw on average can save $55-75/mo.
  • 5Kw on average can save $90-115/mo.
  • 8Kw on average can save $130-155/mo.

The good news is that by combiningEnergy-Efficient Home Improvements such as LED light bulbs, Window Upgrades, Solar Film and Solar Screens, Duct and Door Sealing and many other services that Simplified Solar offers.  We can help reduce your energy bill by over two-thirds—or even eliminate your electric bill FOREVER!

Solar Power has never been more popular and thecosts reached a record low in the last few years and their costs since then has remained constant—making NOW the ideal time to invest in your home and reduce your energy bills.

The exact amount you will save each month depends greatly on the size of the system you will be purchasing—More Panels =  More Savings Potential.  Another factor in your savings depends on your local electric company’s rate per KWH which can be as low as $.02 or as high as nearly $.19.  Your custom solar energy system will produce clean, reliable, FREE electricity for up to 30 years or more.  Saving you more each year and allowing you to lock in today’s price against future utility bills.  Nationwide the average utility power company increasedtheir rates by approximately 5% a year.

If you were able to go back 15 years and buy enough gas to lastyour car for the next 20 years at a price of $1.50 per gallon would you do it?  OF COURSE!  This is the same opportunity with home energy by investing in solar TODAY!

Solar used to be a very expensive proposition–one that previously took decades for the cost to recover the cost.  Because of that it’s adoption was scarce primarily the wealthy or the extremely eco-conscious were the only ones to have it, and systems were small and unreliable. Fortunately today’s technology has improved the efficiency by 600% and our Solar World Panels made solar an safe investment for every home.  With rebates and incentives to pay for as much as 50% or MORE of your new Solar Panel home improvements—Windows, Radiant Barrier, even Insulation can also qualify for rebates!

The actual Payback Period is determined by a number of factors related to your home’s solar potential such as tree cover and roof orientation as well as the future cost of electricity rates—which are going up year after year!  Our typical homeowner however will see a payback time for their solar system of between 3 to 6 years!

The completed cost for installing a system on your home is specific to your particular location—no two homes are the same.  Our Solar Experts will provide you with an in-home Solar Assessment which includes a custom proposal designed for your unique home and has the most accurate up to date information for savings, rebates, and technology available today.


{bold this whole paragraph}A typical 5KW System will come with a price tag of $20,000 the direct cost to the homeowner however can be under $11,000 in some cases after applying local utility rebates as well as the Federal Tax Credit {orange link to tax credit page}.


Costs for Solar Energy Systems can vary based on several factors including:

  • Your current electric bill and what portion you would like to offset
  • Location of your house
  • Slope, Shape, and Measurements of the roof
  • City, State, and Federal rebates or incentives

if you are searching for a way to use the sun’s heat to Add HEAT to your home for the winters or water heating.  There are specially designed Solar Radiant Heating systems that apply solar thermal technology. Transferring solar energy in a variety of devices such as through pipes into an under-floor radiant heating system which is a wonderful way to stay warm during winter. Radiant floor systems are typically 40 percent more efficient than their forced air counterpart, and can be zoned to match thermal comfort to each room.

Other homeowners choose to use the FREE energy provided by the sun to heat water for their home and can eliminate up to 30% of their energy bills just by eliminating the need for their regular hot water heater

Only a qualified Solar Analysis can tell you for sure, but we find that 98% of homeowners that contact us make good candidates for solar and energy efficiency upgrades.  We even find ways to help others who have been turned down by the competition—we mean it when we say that our methods are different, better, SIMPLE for a reason

Solar can be one of the best home improvement investments you make. A solar PV system will increase the value of your home without increasing your property taxes. A study listed in the Real Estate Appraisal Journal found for every $1,000.00 saved per year (from Solar), $20,000.00 is added to the home’s value when sold! Talk about a great return!

Many studies have been done showing solar adds to  home values and transferring the benefits of your solar system to a new owner is simple–typically little more than a one-page form. If a sale is in your near future let your Solar Energy Professional give you all the facts.

NOPE! We handle all permitting related issues with state, and local governments as well as coordination for inspections and utility company approvals related to installing solar electric systems on your house.

Absolutely not! We work with only factor approved solar modules and racking and our installation team has decades of experience in the solar industry.  We have components that are approved for use directly by the manufacturers of many roofing products.  This allows us to be the only preferred authorized solar company in Austin Texas for the USAs biggest solar panel company SOLAR WORLD.

The #1 factor is a homeowner who is enthusiastic about saving money on their bills… REALLY! We work with any home features and utility rebate incentives.  We do all the hard work for you, so if you’re serious about getting started with Solar Today we can find a way!

Home specific factors though include:

  • south or western facing roof
  • utility rebates offered to improve payback time
  • minimal shading for optimal roof lines—or the ability to trim trees if necessary

Solar used to be so expensive that installation was prohibitive for the average home in Texas. But with the popularity at an all time high. Prices for Solar Panels have been at an all time low along with many generous rebate and incentive programs at the State and Federal level make the cost of Solar accessible to almost any budget. We also have attractive financing programs to help offset the cost of your new purchase

 While we can’t say for certain without your application, we handle all the paperwork for you, and we partner with many local HOAs to ensure pre-approval for most of our customers

Southern exposure is the ideal orientation for maximum efficiency of a residential Solar System.  Even without, many homes are still good candidates for solar power. We can assess your house and identify your best option for saving money on your electric bills.

Many factors go into determining the quality of a solar home candidate.

  • Are there good orientations for roof exposure—which can improve the efficiency of your production by up to 15%
  • Are there shade issues present? And can they be improved?
  • What is the pitch of the roof?
  • Location of home related to neighbors
  • Federal, State, and Local incentives to help offset the purchase price can improve the return on investment by as much at 400%

We recommend that homeowners contact one of our certified solar experts to complete a thorough energy analysis and receive our FREE solar proposal.  Even if you decide to purchase solar from another company in Texas we offer this at NO Charge and NO Obligation because no matter how you Go Solar we want you to make the best investment in your future.

Shading issues around a photovoltaic system can decreases its output.  The configuration of your hardware also makes a difference for the ability of your panels to produce in difficult environments.  Other Solar companies sell SMA inverter systems to try and cut prices but don’t tell customers that shade on just the bottom row of wafers can result in an 80% reduction in efficiency.  At Simplified Solar we go through a complete 37 point inspection of the home and identify any and all issues facing your property BEFORE we finish our designs.  We also utilize a higher quality Micro-inverter style array which allows your system to continue to produce power even if portions of it are affected by shade.  Call us and find out what make Simplified Solar Different!

Your FREE Solar Analysis Proposal will include photos and graphics showing the installed solar panels in a realistic configuration on your Home.  We can show you the outcome BEFORE you sign anything and as always we work directly with you to design the most attractive possible system to meet both your budget and design goals.

We also keep an extensive library of photos from previous installations and are happy to show you similar homes to give you a better feel for the finished result. We want you to be happy with ALL aspects of your solar job, giving us a call today is your first step!

That all depends on how much of your bill you are looking to offset and what your energy profile is currently. While a small system (approx. 6 panels) will adequately meet or exceed the goals of one homeowner, some of our customers look for greater results and install a larger number of solar panels. We use a preferred Solar World Sun Module which produces 275 watts per panel—we would be happy to provide you a detailed diagram of how many panels are possible for your location and information about real savings. Simply call us for your FREE solar analysis.

In areas with open sun, a typical rule of thumb equates to 100sq ft. of roof space for every 1Kw of electricity.

That’s a helpful gauge for calculating a rough estimate of how much area you might need. A small PV system can use as little as 230 square feet. A larger system, to meet the needs of a full household can require between 400 to 600 sq. ft..   Each home is unique and the amount of space can vary by as much as 40% from one house to the other because of changes in shade, roof orientation, and even the module used.  We recommend you call one of our professionals to receive our FREE no obligation, no hassle proposal which includes a detailed diagram of your home with proposed panel location and even power production information all at no cost to you!

NO–In the typical home with solar a battery to store power is an unnecessary expense, however the decision of whether or not a battery is needed depends entirely on your goals.  Backup Battery equipment increases the cost for most systems which will add time to the payback for most homes and unless you are planning to go entirely off the grid.  And need to ensure 110% uptime reliability and off-grid capability there is nothing wrong with borrowing power from the utility company for most homes as your system will tend to produce credits during certain months so most homeowners still will result in a net-zero bill after credits.

The Solar and Renewable Energy Industry have been emerging over the past 50 years and while initial efforts were focused on increasing efficiency to make them a viable replacement for our modern day fuels.  There has been an increasing push toward making these technologies more consumer friendly and a focus on design has been improving the look of these great technologies.

The mangled masses of metal and wires are a thing of the past, modules are sleek and come in a variety of configurations to meet your design goals.

See our post about homes who have included the architectural beauty of their solar improvements into the design of their home 

For homeowners who still dislike the style of traditional solar panels, there are new styles, including thin-film and non-reflective Solar Modules.  Solar Shingles are another technology which has gained favor. These new options are discreet and less intrusive panels of the past.

Roof Mounted PV Systems actually work to help COOL the home by providing shade to the roof shingles and structure which can produce a 20% cooler attic space on its own and remove some radiant heat from your home during the hot Texas summers.

To be most effective, in Texas solar panels facing South or West typically produce at the highest output. Though we have installed systems from North-South to East-West, those placed outside of the optimal efficiency however can see reductions in their produced electrical capacity of about 10-15%

Each of these systems use energy from the sun to save you money, but solar photovoltaics utilize a specially made panel that contain silicon wafers grown in a sterile lab.  These wafers use a chemical conversion process to convert rays of sunlight into usable electricity energy for your home. Solar hot water systems however work only on the water system of your home and do not provide any electrical benefits

Solar hot water systems, also called solar thermal systems seek to capture the heat that sunlight provides (think about a black car on a summer day) to heat the water in a tank for use inside your home.  These systems can be designed in a number of ways to heat a hot water tank or to warm a home’s radiant heating system—even your swimming pool and hot tub can use a specially modified solar system to heat their water!

Photovoltaics is a technical term for the Solar Panels that are installed on residential and commercial applications to generate energy for both home and business owners in Texas. These flat panels of specially treated monocrystalline circuits which are mounted inside a protective module casing are then installed on a roof or a pole in order to capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. Building integrated photovoltaics are a term for materials that are integrated into the components of the building they are installed on. These include roofing such as Solar Shingles, walls, and even windows. Traditional Solar Panels are best suited for retrofits or remodels, while BIPV are most appropriate during new construction or a major renovation.

We are the ONLY company in Texas that is qualified as a preferred & authorized dealer for 100% AMERICAN MADE Solar World® Panels—these offer an industry leading 30 year end-to-end warranty.  We also have the ability to provide BenQ, LG, and other makers if your project calls for rigid specifications of another brand.

All of our installed systems include FREE of charge a *Premium Enphase Monitoring Module* this new technology is one of the many ways that Simplified Solar sets ourself apart from the competition.  Click Here to learn more about the system which is accessible through an easy to use app for up to the minute data on power you’re producing and how much money you’ve saved 24 hours a day!

**Be sure to ask other Solar Companies in Austin or San Antonio if their proposals include FREE monitoring of your new Solar System

Simplified Solar partners with the top quality solar manufacturers who stand behind their industry-leading warranties to give you peace of mind. We also warranty ALL our work for the life of your solar system—if something EVER stops working we will fix it for FREE—that’s it!

Solar Photovoltaic Panels are designed to require little or NO maintenance – there are NO moving pieces, No upkeep components that require changing, NO wires to replace after its installed, and NO mechanical maintenance to ensure they continue to work.  The only thing you need is clear and bright sunlight so if you live in a dusty climate, a simple rinse of the top face will ensure the most efficient operation of your solar panels.
Solar hot water collection arrays don’t need much attention either. It does help to periodically use a window washing brush and clean rinse soap, clean them—usually once a year is all that is necessary.  We find that poor installation is the #1 cause of problems with residential solar systems.

Nearly every State, City, and County has some type of legislation that protects homeowners from undue restrictions from associations such as HOAs.  Even if your Home Owner’s Association has regulations which you have been told prevent you from getting Solar—we have the experience and know how to get the job done in places others can’t.  We also offer our 5 Star Satisfaction initiative to all of our customers and stand behind our pledge to make your transition to solar headache free.  In a word, you could say we make everything SIMPLIFIED

NO! The only thing you need to worry about is sitting back and enjoying the savings.  At Simplified Solar we handle all the frustrating of design, application, and approval for any Local, City, and State permits required for your installation.  Most installs do require a permit at some level from either city building departments or utility providers—we complete all necessary steps to ensure 100% compliance at all times on our work, and most places have building codes already in place that fully embrace solar energy technology.

We will even coordinate approval from the dreaded Homeowner’s Associations to avoid any restrictions that could prevent you from installing solar panels in your neighborhood. We have many established relationships with the people that matter municipalities, and HOAs across Central Texas and have had preferential treatment on other previous jobs.  While each process is unique we handle all the hard work to make getting solar for you–SIMPLE.

Your Home Solar Energy System is not affected by power outages caused by the grid.  In fact your home will likely continue to have power while your neighbors will be left in the dark!  Your Solar Array works independent of the actual power grid and so is unaffected by surges or brown-outs, think of it like your own personal power plant that works as a complement to the energy offered by your local utility company.

No. Our Solar World Protect-Module® passes rigorous safety and durability tests.  Hail at over 200 MPH Solar World goes the extra mile in putting their panels through testing that far exceeds industry norms and certification minimums.  They believe that “good-enough” isn’t good enough and test their standard—the Solar World Standard at nearly 300% of the required testing minimums.

Also called simply “Inverters” these simple electronic devices accumulate the low-voltage DC power produced by your solar modules and converts it into the AC-power conventionally used by appliances and devices in your house.

A properly designed and installed Solar System, which is kept up with will produce usable power for more than 30 years or longer (in some cases we see 45 year lifespans from monocrystalline panels). The basic solar panel has no moving pieces and is easy to maintain for its 30+ year lifespan. Most problems with solar systems are due to poor installation from untrained professionals—at Simplified Solar our team has been installing solar technologies for over 15 years.

Off Grid Solar Systems are often much larger in size (minimum of 30KW or larger) as the user only has about 6-8 hours of daylight to truly capture all the power that they will need for the next 24 hour period.  This puts an intense focus on capacity and often times requires modifying the homeowner’s usage patterns and many improvements to the interior to seek the most efficient appliances available and eliminate most if not all source of power drain such as leaving surge protectors on.  In addition off-grid systems require extra equipment such as power conditioning equipment and large amounts of energy storage in the form of commercial sized battery arrays.  Grid tied systems have fewer components—requiring far fewer panels and only a minimal amount of equipment such as single inverters and have much faster return on investments.

The term photovoltaic or PV for short is a term that is used to designate certain kinds of solar technology—in this case ones that produce electric current from light.  If you look at the literal meaning the term stands for “light-electricity” (photo-volt) which makes perfect sense for these devices as they make light (photo) into usable energy in the form of electricity (voltaic).

Different materials have certain properties which make them more suited for PV uses. Certain types of silicon (monocrystalline and polycrystalline) will release small amounts of electricity when exposed to strong sunlight—the process by this is referred to as the photoelectric effect. This term refers to the release of electrons from the surface of metal when exposed to light and was first discovered by German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz in 1887. Einstein went on to win a nobel prize in 1905 for his work on the photoelectric effect. For more information about the chemical—electrical process behind it visit our page on the photoelectric effect

Photovoltaic Solar Panels use cells made from a specially treated form of Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline Silicon.  The panels (called modules) use several of these cells connected with specially mounted electronics which allow the photons in sunlight to create loose electrons which flow into the electronics and create DC electricity.  This output from the panel is passed through a special inverter box and converts the DC to AC electric current which can be used by our homes.

Simplified Solar can offer both options for homeowners in Texas.  The final decision however is a matter of preference and has important factors for both which can help you in determining your best option.  Let one of our Solar Experts explain the options to you and give you all the facts, to make the best financial investment in your future.  (512) 888-5585

Good News! Solar qualifies for BOTH in most cases. Tax deductions reduce taxpayers’ taxable income that they must claim (and thus pay taxes for).  Tax credits however reduce direct-owed taxes—think of these as a coupon at the grocery store.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is set to expire December, 31 2015.  Allows homeowners to deduct up to 30% of the system’s cost from their federal income taxes, this tax credit can be claimed by the system’s owner. This credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of federal taxes owed and by doing so reduced the amount you spend on your new system.  Improving payback times by up to 3 years!

We offer several options, and are soon proud to be opening up Solar Leasing for the FIRST TIME ever in Texas!  We are proud to be the first company offering such a program to residents of Austin and San Antonio—and soon statewide.

In Texas all solar improvements are 100% exempt from property tax increases.  Which is great news in terms of an investment, it means that when you install solar panels on your home you can increase the value of your home without costing you a single dollar more in taxes!  This same advantage is unique to solar and can’t be said for any other home improvement such as a new kitchen or swimming pool.

For a direct link to the state’s tax code for Solar Tax Exemptions click here

Most Standard homeowner’s insurance policies typically include coverage for Solar Panels and their component systems so in many cases there is no additional coverage required.  In Fact! Many of our customers actually see REDUCED homeowners insurance premiums because their panels provide added protection to roofing components which are the biggest source of loss for insurance companies.  With the added protection many insurance companies rate homeowners as LOWER risk.

YES! Up to a full 30% of your Solar System can be paid for by the Federal Government.  This incentive however is scheduled to End December 31st 2015 and will only qualify to systems installed before that date! Don’t Miss Out!  Call us Today (512) 888-5585

Visit our Solar Tax Credit page to learn more about the expiring federal tax credit.

Net metering is the term for when your Solar System produces more electricity than you are currently using and this excess capacity is fed back into the power grid.  The Net Meter itself is a device that looks very much like the old electric meter on the side of your house.  This device is special in that it tracks not only power used but also power produced.  This new meter is often the final step for residential customers before their new solar system is “turned on” most of our customers experience wait times less than 30 days—however this depends greatly on how responsive or busy your utility company is.

NO! There is no way to prevent you from installing solar power on your home.  However different companies offer incentives to encourage the purchase of solar for their customers and these rebates can improve the financial return on your investment. In no case can you be penalized for making the investment to Go Green!

While it’s tough to say at any given time because the incentives offered are different for each company and qualifications change frequently, which is why it’s important to call us and find out today what is available for your home (512) 888-5585.

We can tell you that Solar Power is more popular than ever, and this demand is causing many electric companies to offer generous incentives to make the purchase of solar possible.  Some Rebates can be as high as $2/watt which covers 50% of the cost for most Residential Solar Systems.

Click here to see what rebates are available in your area and if you qualify TODAY

Did You Know? Rebates are offered on several other products along with Residential Solar Energy Panels!  Radiant Barrier, Window & Door Replacements, even Hot Water Heaters and many qualifying home improvements have rebate programs with your local electric, water (and even gas) utility providers.  For direct information from your utility company—you could call customer support during the day and sit in line with an aggravating phone tree or for the most up to date information visit our consultation request page.


There are 2 major types of rebates with solar 1)Utility Paid Rebates are direct from your electric company to reduce the cost of installing your solar system 2)Manufacturer Paid Rebates are just like the ones you find with other consumer electronics and will be mailed to you in the form of a check these usually are processed quickly and most customers have theirs in hand within 30 days. If you’re a do-it yourselfer we suggest you try the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency at to see a listing by utility company of what may be offered in your area.  These listings are updated periodically.  For the faster results call one of our experts who will provide you answers right away to your rebate questions (512) 888-5585

Excess energy produced by your system (anything more than you are using at that time) will be fed back into the electric grid in a process known as “net-metering”. This excess power is recorded and bought back by the utility company in the form of a credit on the customer’s account. This credit can be used in later months to offset higher bills you may receive in the hot Texas summers

During the day while you are at work and the consumption in your house is lowered, your Solar Panels will create more electricity than your home is using at the time. Instead of storing it using big, ugly, and expensive battery components, the overflow of electricity is fed back through the power lines into ‘the grid’. When this happens a process call “Net Metering” occurs and your electric meter will actually begin to spin backwards—taking hours (and dollars) off of your next bill.

Net Energy Metering programs can differ a bit between utility companies so its best to let one of our Energy Experts fill you in on the latest changes to metering and rebate standards in your area. You can either fill out our FREE consultation form or call us at (512) 888-5585 and we will be happy to answer all questions you have regarding metering and utility qualifications for your home.